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Are you searching for a cataract surgeon in Los Angeles?

If your vision is getting cloudy, if you are losing your color perception or you are having trouble seeing at night, you may be in the early stages of developing cataracts. In order to correct your vision, the cataract has to be extracted from your eye during a surgical procedure.

Vision with cataracts

When you select Dr. Rex Hamilton at the Hamilton Eye Institute in Santa Monica, California for your cataract removal, you will enjoy all the benefits of the excellence and experience for which he is known for. Both a scientist and a physician, Dr. Rex Hamilton spent 15 years at the world-renowned UCLA Stein Eye Institute. During his tenure, Dr. Rex Hamilton performed thousands of surgeries and trained over 100 physicians from around the world on the art and science behind cataract removal and lens replacement. There is no better option in the Los Angeles area than Dr. Rex Hamilton.
We are happy to provide a consultation to determine the best and safest approach to cataract surgery for you. There are many items to consider prior to having cataract surgery including your choice of lens implant and whether laser cataract surgery is appropriate for your situation. The latest technology advanced lens implants, also called premium lens implants can break out into various categories and we will explain each implant and the potential benefit it could bring to your overall vision.

If you wish to learn more about what cataract surgery is, read on below the video for more information on the procedure. If you are interested in the advanced treatment options that Dr. Rex Hamilton offers, please click on “Premium Cataract Surgery” and “Management Options“. If you are interested in a free online test to see if you may or may not have cataracts, navigate to the IOL Self-Test.