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Fun Things to Do In LA
Los Angeles is a dream destination for many. It’s no surprise as it has an abundance of things to do and a luxury lifestyle for travelers out there.
Los Angeles is home to the USA’s best beaches. Venice Beach has been gaining immense popularity because of its quirky shops, street performers, and numerous galleries. Another great alternative is Santa Monica, making it perfect for travelers who want to chill out in the sun. LA also has Malibu and Manhattan Beach you cannot afford to miss.
More than the crystal clear beaches, The town is known for Hosting the wizarding world of Harry Potter. It has its own Harry Potter-themed rides, the Hogwarts Castle, and more. Domestic and international tourists can grab a butterbeer or muggle watch.
LA also prides itself on its Beverly Hills, which is a famous district. To witness its captivating beauty, take a walking tour from a reliable provider. Although it can cost an arm or a leg, it is more cost-effective in the long run. Don’t forget the Rodeo Drive as you can shop major luxury brands such as Gucci and Chanel. That’s not all! There are art galleries you should take advantage.
LA is a health-conscious city. Most people have an active lifestyle. More than the hiking trails, it’s a perfect place for bikers. Whether you want to shed a pound or achieve a sexy physique, LA has got your back. Start from the coastal route along Santa Monica to have the best experience.
The city also has an amazing cuisine that can satisfy your cravings and suit your budget. It has typical American style dinners you should try before your escapade ends.
What else? Here are the other local happenings LA can offer. Read on for more information!
Creepy Tour at Paramount – Hollywood
How would you spend the holidays in November? Well, the creepy tour at paramount should be on top of your list. From the horror, intensity to entertainment, it has them all. It is a flashlight walk behind the gates of Paramount Pictures to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. More than the unexplainable horror, there’s complimentary champagne, popcorn, and movie candy. People also love the parking as it’s free. It starts from November 8 to 16. So, plan out your escapade ahead with your friends and colleagues.
Motorcycle Show – Long Beach
You probably are fond of sport bikes, scooters or ATVs. Don’t look further than the Motorcycle Show in Long Beach. There’s a live entertainment, making it a perfect choice for those who want to unwind. There are also family activities that everyone could enjoy up to the maximum. After a creepy tour at Paramount, the International Motorcycle Show is next. It begins from November 22 to 24.
Day of the Dead Festival – Boyle heights
Have you been working for months without a break? Then, spend your day off in the Boyle heights during the day of the dead festival on November 2. Although it sounds creepy, it features live music, arts and crafts, a traditional ceremonial blessing, children’s workshops, and more. Don’t explore the place alone. Invite a close friend, colleague, or relative.
Tasting Event in Downtown
Who wouldn’t want to witness celebrity chefs cook live? In downtown, there’s an upcoming event where popular chefs will showcase their cooking skills on November 9. There’s a variety of wine, beer, and amazing cuisine to choose from. Just visit the Wine & Food Experience beforehand.
Ice at Santa Monica
Located a few minutes from the Pacific Ocean, ICE in Santa Monica is another place to spend the long holidays. As a full-service outdoor rink, everyone can watch broomball games, host a party at the rink, take up a skating lesson, and get your own cabana. It starts from November 1 to January 20, 2020. Invite your friends now to give them enough time to prepare.
Moonlight Forest
Fond of a nighttime event? Or want to relax following a tiring, stressful day at work? Whatever the case may be, spend the night in the Moonlight Forest in Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanical garden. This November 9 to January 12, 2020, will be the second year of the Moonlight forest. From a limited theme, it now has other options to choose from, including ocean visions and polar dreams. Explore the place with your partner to level up your experience.
Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square
LA is not a winter wonderland. But times have changed today as you can now create an ice skating rink in Downtown skyscrapers and other LA icons. Glide on the round at the outdoor holiday skating rink in Pershing Square. The weekend is the best time to take your children. It is open from November 14 to January 20 next year.
Forest of Light
A Botanical garden can be enjoyed during the day. But the enchanted forest of light in La Canada can transform your nighttime experience. It as a combination of atmospheric forests, trees, summery sound effects, and more. Bring your camera to capture every moment and share to your friends on FB and followers on Instagram. It’s open to the public from November 16 to January 5, 2020.
Underground Art Show
You probably are craving for pancakes. The Los Angeles Pancakes & Booze Art Show has got you covered. A traveling exhibition by 150 artists, the underground art show provides free pancakes for everyone. Aside from that, there’s live music you can sing and dance all throughout. There are talented DJs who can change your mood and day. What else? Live body painting is available. Also, there’s a bar where you can drink some of your favorite liquors with a friend.
So, do you have a place to go in Los Angeles this November or December? If not, this list of local happenings can match your requirements. Explore such places with a close friend, travel buddy, or relative. Also, planning is critical. Plan out your escapade this year-end to have a fun and stress-free experience.