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Mulholland Drive

Located in the east Santa Monica Mountains, Mulholland Drive is a road which was named after William Mulholland, a civil engineer who pioneered Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Mulholland Highway can be found in rural portions of west L.A county. It also travels through Ventura County. That is not he only highlight of this roadway though, its popularity comes from being in a number of books, movies, even songs. For instance, the film Mulholland Drive was written and directed by David Lynch, saying it portrayed the “history of Hollywood”.


In 1924, a road was developed that spanned the distance of Sepulveda Pass in the west, to Hollywood’s Cahuenga Pass in the east. Originally it was named Mulholland Highway. The project was funded by developers who at the time had invested within areas around the Hollywood Hills region.

It was stated by construction engineer DeWitt Reaburn, who had the responsibility of overseeing the entire project, that during the process of building it, he predicted it to be “among the most traveled and highly popular scenic routes in all of the United States.”


In total, it measures 21 miles long, with the majority being two lanes. Meanwhile, on the east part of Santa Monica Mountains, the ridgeline is followed slightly by a minor arterial road. It also extends through the Hollywood Hills which crosses over Sepulveda Blvd., Laurel Canyon Blvd., Coldwater Canyon Ave., Beverly Glen Blvd., Outpost Dr., and Nichols Canyon Rd., while connecting two parts of U.S. Route 101.

The road is well traveled by both locals and tourists who just want to take a drive and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Depending on what part of the road you’re on, it provides a great view of San Fernando Valley. Another part frames the Los Angeles Basin wonderfully, while the Hollywood Sign remains a landmark all on its own, clearly seen from certain parts of the trip.

Of course, nature is only one aspect of traveling down this road. Some do it in hopes of seeing someone famous. Mulholland Drive may offer a great view of nature and skylines, but it is also the location for some of the most expensive and exclusive real estate around the world. Various celebrities have lived in close range of this route, as the homes were developed back away from the road for privacy, but offer a clear view of downtown L.A., therefore making it a very sought-after location for those who can afford it.

So, the next time you are in the area and want to take a drive, there really is no better place to do it.

The length of the street intersects with many popular streets, but the winding roads above the mountains just west of San Diego is a favorite for many, while Encino Hills Dr. offers an unpaved path. However, motor vehicles are restricted in this area. This makes it great for biking.