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LASIK is among the most popular eye treatments in today’s modern generation. It can treat astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and other refraction errors. Meanwhile, the technology used in LASIK operation is crucial for the best results. With that, you must be familiar with the techniques for the surgery. LASIK specialists only use the most advanced technologies to help patients get the best results to improve their vision. Surgeons use highly innovative excimer laser for emitting a cool ultraviolet light beam, treating common eye conditions like astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness and reshaping the cornea gently.

With the help of technology innovation, LASIK providers utilize more advanced femtosecond laser technology to give patients with a bladeless process. There are various types of laser technologies that come with their specific advantages. The following are the laser technologies for the surgery that can suit your needs.


The Food and Drug Administration mandates that all lasers in laser eye surgery must adhere to the highest standards for the safety of the patients. To get the FDA’s approval, the manufacturer of the medical device must prove that it is effective and safe for specific purposes. With this, you must always prefer the technology that is approved by the FDA. It is essential to have a safe and quality procedure.


Topography -Guided LASIK Laser Technology

Another laser technology is the Topography -Guided LASIK. In this process, the surgeon can customize the laser eye process, which best suits your needs. This technology also incorporates the latest topography technology of Contoura® Vision which can get the curvatures of a person’s individual eye. With it, the surgeons can also get a more detailed assessment of the visual impact.

The new Wavelight ® EX500 Excimer Laser and its software is also critical for the process of the Topography- Guided LASIK Laser Technology. With the measurements of the topographer, the surgeon can have additional data for customizing a treatment plan that targets your eye needs. The personalized details will also guide the Wavelight ® Ex500 laser for the correction of your visual needs.


Custom LASIK Laser Technology

Custom LASIK is also known as Wavefront-Optimized LASIK technology. It is a treatment for laser eye surgery. This laser technology comes with an advanced degree of personalization that guides surgeons to give you better vision correction while keeping the integrity of your eyes’ optical features.


Bladeless LASIK Laser Technology

Bladeless LASIK Laser Technology is also called all-laser LASIK. With this technology, your surgeon can perform the whole process, like creating corneal flap tissue. The instrument for creating flap tissue is known as the femtosecond laser. With the use of infrared laser for creating flap tissue, the surgeon can customize the optimum flap tissue architecture. Furthermore, it can also control the depth of the treatment. The Bladeless Laser Technology is highly recommended for those who have thin corneas and who are not qualified for LASIK using traditional technology.


Spot- Scanning Laser Technology

The Spot-Scanning Laser Technology is also called as the flying-spot laser. It utilizes a small diameter laser beam to create a treatment zone that is scanned in the cornea. This technology is commonly used for patients with irregular astigmatism. Thus, the technology provides more customized treatments.


Slit-Scanning Laser Technology

Slit-scanning lasers are excimer lasers that come with small beams connected to rotation device using slit holes that enlarge gradually. It can also slowly boost the ablation zone. Slit-Scanning Laser Technology can create smoother treatments compared to the traditional broad-beam lasers. You must also ensure that your eye surgeon is an expert in slit-scanning laser technology. Thus, the Slit-Scanning Laser Technology has a higher risk of decentered ablation or overcorrection when the laser isn’t properly centered on your pupil.

The laser technologies used for procedure are important to produce the best results for your visual needs. Now that you have learned about these different laser technologies, you can decide which one is best for your visual correction needs. You must choose the one that is safe and perfect for your eye condition.

With the great competition in the industry, you must also be extra careful in choosing your surgeon and their equipment used in their operation. Make sure that they are professional and licensed. It is necessary to assure that you can have a safe and comfortable surgery experience. The laser technology can depend on the size of your pupil. So, you must choose the best technology that suits your eye condition. More importantly, you must also determine if you are a good candidate for any of these laser technologies for the procedure.

Meanwhile, are you looking for a reliable and professional LASIK surgeon? You can come in for a consultation with Dr. Hamilton and stop there. Dr. Hamilton’s team is composed of professional and friendly staff that will provide you with comfortable and safe vision correction procedure. They understand that your vision is very important, so they check every detail of the eye surgery process for the highest satisfaction of their patients.

Do you want to improve your vision? Then, it is a good decision to get LASIK if you’re a candidate. However, you must choose the laser technology that suits your needs. You can choose from the laser technologies mentioned above.

No matter what your age is, you can have the chance to have the procedure done. Thus, it is not limited to any age, so you can improve your vision with this eye surgery. Break free from the contacts, glasses, & live your life!

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