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It can’t be denied that LASIK eye surgery is among the most popular eye treatments in today’s digital generation. It can treat astigmatism, nearsightedness as well as farsightedness. Meanwhile, some are confused about whether the eye treatment is also applicable for older people. Do you think that you are too old for LASIK eye surgery? Then, this article is for you.

If you are worried that you might be too old , then your confusion will stop after you have read this article up to the end. The best news is that seniors are also good candidates. If you are more older and have better overall health, you can be an ideal candidate,  especially if you have a stable eye prescription.

On the other hand, it is a fact that the needs of your eyes change throughout your life. With this, you must also take considerations to some factors when you plan to get a laser eye surgery later in your life. Well, do you want to know the reason why there is no age limit when it comes to the surgery? Read further.

Why Are Old Patients Still Qualified for LASIK ?

According to the standards of the Food and Drug Administration, the best candidate for LASIK must be at least 18 years old. Your eyes’ specific prescription requirements can vary quickly, so it is necessary to wait until that inclination to change steadies before you undergo a laser eye surgery. More importantly, there are various life development milestones that can motivate individuals to contemplate laser eye surgery in their early adulthood.

If you are new to the procedure, the following ideas will help you.

  • The common age range for undergoing LASIK is from 20 up to 45 years old. Thus, the vision prescriptions of an individual stabilize in their mid-twenties. Therefore, this age bracket is the natural time for undergoing the procedure.
  • Cataracts are mostly developed beyond the age of 55 even if your vision is not affected during the early stages. If the cataract is diagnosed as the main cause of the changes in your vision, the most recommended method is cataract extraction surgery instead of LASIK
  • The age ranges from 45 to 55 is the time when you can possibly experience the effects of presbyopia which is related to the natural aging process. It can also lead to difficulty for near vision. Although LASIK is an option for presbyopia, you can also prefer other vision correction technologies including Monovision.

To sum it up, even though you are old, you can still experience the benefits of the procedure. If you have a good overall health and have a stable vision prescription, you are not too old for LASIK. You must remember that not all health problems of seniors can affect the eyes. So, if you want to know whether you are a candidate for LASIK, you must consult the advice of a professional surgeon. With this, you can ensure your comfort and safety while getting the eye procedure.

Furthermore, you must take note that there is no age limit for LASIK . Thus, the basis for eye operation can depend on some factors. Meanwhile, the following factors can disqualify you as a candidate for the process.

Factors that can disqualify you 

  • Vision stability

You must have a stable prescription at least one year preceding to eye surgery.

  • Eye health

You can’t be the ideal candidate if you have eye diseases such as glaucoma, corneal disease, cataracts, keratoconus, amblyopia, dry eye syndrome and other eye conditions.

  • Eye injury

Another factor for your possible disqualification for the procedure is that if you have eye injuries or untreated infections.

  • Overall health

It is not advisable to undergo the surgery if you don’t have a good overall health. You can be disqualified for the eye treatment if you are suffering from autoimmune disorders, diabetes as well as other general health issues.

  • Contact lens wearers

Contact lenses are not recommended to wear prior to the surgery So, if you  have frequently used contact lenses, the procedure is not for you.

  • Pregnancy

 If you are pregnant or nursing, probably not the best time.

Are you still unsure if you are a candidate for the procedure? Then, the best thing to do is to have a screening schedule with an expert ophthalmologist. (Dr. Hamilton) : ) 

LASIK in your 40s

If you are in your 40s, you can have a higher risk of developing presbyopia or a condition that can be blurred near vision. It can also limit the impact of traditional LASIK. Fortunately, presbyopia can be treated by multifocal LASIK or monovision. As you age, you are prone to different vision changes which can disqualify you from undergoing the surgery. So, you must take responsibility to take care of your eyes by practicing a healthy lifestyle.

In your 50s, 60s or Beyond

Macular degeneration often developed at the age of 50s, 60s and older. This eye condition is characterized by retina deterioration and loss of visual acuity. People aged 60 years old and above have a higher risk for glaucoma and cataracts that can cloud the lens of your eyes and can damage your optic nerve.

However, there are individuals who have healthy eyes even in their 50s, 60s and older years. With that, they can still be perfect candidates for the procedure despite their old age.

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