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Solution To Discomforting Glare

The sun and the reflection of its rays from smooth surfaces has always posed to be harmful for people who stay outdoors. It causes glare from the sun. Therefore, polarized glasses have been the ultimate choice of the people, and hence they are in common use these days.

Their Usage

Polarised glasses have numerous benefits and are suitable for a lot of people. If you have ever been to a picnic near the sea or a river, you might have seen a lot of boaters wearing these types of glasses. The reason being, that the lens in polarized glasses is currently the best alternative for blocking the glare caused by rays that reflect off the surfaces of the water.
But their usage does not end here only. They also have some comfort for the drivers who are driving out on a sunny day. During the journey, a driver crosses by various smooth metallic objects, for example, the metal cover on the cars, specifically its body and the light-colored pavements. These objects have surfaces that turn out to be very good reflective sources, so when the incident light rays hit them, they get reflected very sharply and cause a flash in the driver’s eyes; resulting in hindrances in the driving.
Furthermore, there are a lot of people who might have just visited an ophthalmologist and undergone some sort of surgery, like cataract surgery. Their doctor would have suggested them to stay away from direct light, as it can harm their internal parts of the precious organ. Such people also use polarized sunglasses and it has proven to be a very successful solution.

The Working Mechanism

The light waves from the sun or any source of light, diffuse outwards in various directions. Polarized light is a light wave that has one plane of movement only, meaning that it travels in one direction. When the incident beam of light hits a reflective object, the reflected light that leaves the surface becomes polarized; it has a single plane of movement. One amazing fact to acknowledge is that the light ray gets polarized in the direction of the surface it is getting reflected from. For instance, if a light ray hits a large horizontal lake, there is a high probability that the light reflected from it will be polarized in a way that all its vibrations will be in a horizontal direction. The reflected waves are polarized to coincide with the angle of that surface. One popular example can be a freshwater lake. Even though the water is very clear, but you might not be able to see underneath, because of this phenomenon.
Now, this polarized light can not only restrict your view but it can also harm your eyes. This can be discomforting, disabling and blinding too. It can reduce your vision and sometimes block it too. Your solution to prevent such cases happening to you is polarized glasses. These sunglasses have a special filter incorporated in them. This filter, better known as Polaroid filter, does not allow the polarized light to enter and the light ray in the other direction enters the eyes only. When there is no polarized light ray entering a human’s eye, there is no glare which means proper sight.

When Not To Wear?

Although there are various benefits of these polarized sunglasses, you can not just carry them everywhere. There are some exceptions too. For instance, those who do downhill skiing sports shouldn’t wear these during their activity. The reason being is that the sportsman wants to get alerted from icy conditions and thus wants to see the bright patches of reflected light.
Moreover, while you are wearing these glasses you might not able to easily see the screens of your cell phone. The same goes for light crystal displays ( LCD ).
Now, this becomes a serious problem in the case of boaters and pilots. One moment, they are looking up towards the outside view ahead and the other moment they are glancing down towards the screens that tell them navigation and any other important information. When they won’t be able to comprehend the information displayed on their screens, which they have to do in the blink of an eye, there are great chances of accidents occurring.

The Treat That Comes Along…

If you are aged 40 or above and face issues in viewing distant, near objects and then that glare from the sun adds more to the plate, polarized sunglasses have got you covered. These sunglasses also come with a progressive lens. It is a type of lens that appears exactly like a single vision lens but in reality, is a no-line multifocal lens. Moreover, these glasses also come with a photochromatic lens: a type of lens that gets clear indoors and automatically changes to black when it faces the sun. Lastly, the feature of instilling an anti-reflecting surface in the backside of your sunglasses brings in a lot of comfort. This surface will not let light rays approaching form the back hinder your vision.
Then, how can we not mention the ease our fishermen can get from these glasses. As discussed earlier, one can’t see underneath water naturally. These glasses will allow you to see beneath the waters, and catch fish immediately, hence having an eagle’s eye.
But, to avail the benefits provided by these glasses to the maximum, you need to first schedule an eye exam. See what kind of glasses your doctor prescribes you and try it out. You will eventually see the results and have positive feedback. Also, you need to look out for fake ones as well. When you go to shop for these glasses, be wary of the cheaters. They can trick you into buying fake ones. One way you can check for these is by positioning them near a reflective surface that will produce the glare. Look through the lens and see if it disappears or not.
Eyes are precious; take care of them by proper eyewear.