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Whether you are working, playing, or relaxing on your home, it is not bad to give focus on your eye. From eating healthy food to making sure to have regular checkups with your eye care professional, awareness of you should do, and you should not be the key for a good eye health.
Hence, eye health really is a very important thing to adhere to. It would help one in attaining his or her success as most of the jobs across the world are in need of a visually healthy person. But then, you might wonder how would you be able to keep up with your eye health? You do not need to worry anymore as below, listed are the tips and techniques for you to be able to keep up and maintain your eye health and would also help you prevent yourself from experiencing any eye problems.

  1. Always Make It A Habit to Eat Healthily

In order for you to have healthy eyes, you must also have a healthy eating habit.
According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, there are these foods that would help you boost your eyesight and give you healthier eyes:
Foods rich in antioxidants, including many types of fruits and vegetables, are common in many “healthy eating” guides. These tasty foods will help you address the risk of having poor eyesight that is caused by aging.
Leafy Greens
High in important nutrients, including lutein and zeaxanthin, green vegetables like kale and spinach will help you lower the risks of experiencing vision problems like cataracts.
Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Having a proper diet like eating fish like salmon and halibut is a good way to make sure you’re getting omega-3 fatty acids, which also helps to reduce the risks of having poor eyesight related to aging.

  1. Always Maintain A Healthy Weight

Exercising regularly can also be a way to maintaining a healthy weight, in which it gives a lot of benefits related to your overall health, including health-related to your vision.

  1. Wearing Proper Eyewear

Walking under direct sunlight could put your eyes at risk from ultraviolet rays and from itself.
But protecting your eyes from them is not that hard, because proper eyewear can be a protection from sunlight and UV rays.
Sometimes we get to catch up with sceneries like sunset or sunrise, but staring directly at it can damage our eyes. Even though you have a good pair of sunglasses, it does not mean that you are free from the consequences of having eye problems caused by staring directly at the sun. So, it is advised not to stare at it at all times.
Moreover, harmful UV rays are not just acquired from the sun that is why it is important to have a pair of glasses that offer a 100 percent protection from ultraviolet rays.

  1. Keeping an Eye Safety for Both Work and Play

If you are involved in activities, whether at work or play, make sure to wear the proper gear and sanitation for the protection of your eyes. Some of the possible gears and protection for your eyes which you could use are the following:
Eye Safety for Sports
If you are planning or about to play your favorite sports, but you are worried about having the risks of eye injury, a pair of prescribed sports goggles can lower the risks of having it.
Eye Safety at Work
If you work in a profession with the potential for eye injuries or spending a lot of time in front of a computer that may damage your eyes, using the right eyewear like anti-radiation glasses can save you from the risks of it.

  1. Sanitizing Your Hands Regularly and As Necessary

You should always sanitize your hands. Keep your hands sanitized as it may cause infection to your eyes if contacted to them. Since most of the people could always get to use their hands to get rid of one’s itchy eyes, you should always keep it clean. Well, in the first place, hands should not be used to scratch off the itchiness you get in your eyes. You may opt to use a damp cloth as an alternative.

  1. Smoking Could Be A Great Threat to Damage Your Eyes

If you are stuck between thin lines, whether to quit smoking or not, better to go quitting because it will not just give benefit to your lungs but also to your eyes. Obviously, cigarettes are very much bad to your health, not just your respiratory and cardiovascular systems but also, it sure would be a great threat to your eyes as based on researches, smokers are most likely to get various eye diseases such as cataracts, AMDs or even uveitis than those who do not smoke at all. You could even get blind with just smoking cigarettes so stop smoking now dear!

  1. Just Lie Your Body, You Should Give Your Eyes Some Rest as Well

As mentioned, spending a lot of time in front of electronic devices can damage your eyes because of the radiation present in the screens, so it is important to give your eyes some rest from time to time. You might opt to perform the 20/20/20 Rule that they say. You might not be familiar with this rule. So, to give you an overview of the rule, this 20/20/20 rule is one way to avoid digital eye strain. After spending 20 minutes in front of screens, try staring at an object 20 minutes away for 20 seconds. Thus, following this 20/20/20 rule would surely help you keep your eyes healthy.

  1. Regular Have with You Your Checkups for Your Eyes

In addition to those ways to prevent eye problems, try visiting your eye care professional regularly to check if there are problems to be addressed in your eyes and also to address it right away if in case you have.
There are indeed a lot of helpful and simple steps that can be taken into consideration and could be done daily for you to promote vision health and help you avoid common vision problems. For your eyes to live for more long years, be sure to follow all the stated steps!