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Eye Injury

There are a variety of reasons that can contribute to an eye injury. These are such physical and chemical, and both this type can affect the vision of a person. These may come from different types and forms, and it can cause some simple eye injuries up to severe types of injuries. When you encounter some symptoms that make you feel uncomfortable, make sure to go to your nearest optical clinic at least earlier as possible. When you disregard this thing, it may cause some serious complications in the future. In treating eye injuries, make sure to go to the professionals because when it is not treated well, it can complicate more. This time, there are different times of treatment in the eye, either the traditional and the more advanced that uses technology in treating them. Upon the advancement of different medical technology including optical technology, there is a more specific type of treatment that can be offered in different kinds of disorder or distortion.

The most common symptoms as you can see, which is a presentation of eye injury or ocular injury, are the redness and pain. This is not to be ignored. A hypothesis is that tine projectiles of metal can cause this kind of symptoms, either from hammering on a metal surface. The pain sensation that you might be experiencing is from the nerve endings such as the retina and the vitreous humor. These kind of cases are to most reported on an emergency department of doctors from cases that involve the posterior part of the eye or what they call the intraocular foreign bodies to the eye expert or an ophthalmologist. After that, it will be brought to some eye examination for further analysis of the infection that is currently happening in the eye.

These are the things that can contribute to eye injury:

Other types of substance that can fit through the eye are small pieces of wood, sand, glass and even small stones that can cause irritations to the eye. Others are such sporting balls who moves at an incredibly fast speed such as shuttlecock, tennis balls, cricket ball that can hit the eye of the person. Or even from a fist fight that can cause a traumatic experience for the eye and also give a black eye for the person who encountered it. Firecrackers, bb guns, and other children games like arrows can also lead to eye trauma. And lastly, road accidents that may include the head of the person, he might experience some blurring of his vision during those events. Some things that the person during the accidents may develop orbital fractures, severe hematoma, a shard of glasses that may embed in the eye tissue and many more.

Classification of Mechanical Ocular Injuries of the Eye

Closed globe injuries. There are two types, the contusion, and lamellar laceration. The condition of the eye is that the globe is contact, but on the other hand, the seven rings present in the eye have been affected by a blunt trauma that the patient may experience.

Open globe injury. You can see a full thick injury in the eye.

a. Globe rupture. This is caused by a blunt trauma that can be seen both inside and out.

b. Globe laceration. This is to be wounded with sharp objects.

1. Penetrating trauma. This injury is very much referred to as globe fracture. It is made with a wound that can be seen in and out of the intraocular part. There are wounding includes until the inner part of the eye.

2. Perforating trauma. This is a severe type of eye injury. The injury comes from both place which is the entrance and the exit of the wound


The purpose of the investigation is to gather needed information that can contribute to the medical needs, more specific in the optical knowledge. You can look up to some severe to the non-severe type of injuries that can be cured through a different process of treatment. Every injury may have some distorted reasons that may contribute to the swelling and pain that one may experience.

The said analysis will depend on the medical history that is to be gathered by the experts to conduct their conclusion on the type of injury may encounter.


Irrigation. Chemical injuries in the eye may come from different types and forms. The first line of managing this kind of injury is through irrigation of the eye to start the said process. The eye is being washed with isotonic saline or a sterile water to sanitize the eye upon the progress thoroughly. The type of liquid that is to be used in the irrigation will depend on what kind of chemical may have infected that eye to avoid any burning sensation.

Patching. During an ocular injury, it is advisable to patch up the eye to avoid any microorganism to have it infected. It could be either a shield patch or pressure patch is to be applied in the eye of the patient before starting the treatment. Back until then, patching is one of the first method practiced before starting any actual process in testing the eye. According to some studies, it has been stated that patching gives little to no effect in healing the ocular injury and even to reduce pain. It is advisable that to never let a person with contacts to have this kind of management. It may cause an infection that can cause blindness for at least 24 up to 48 hours. Keep a close call with your doctor or an ophthalmologist to be guided on the right things you should do.

Suturing. Suturing is for people with eyelid laceration cases. This is the primary care for people who are experiencing that kind of may not treat but it is the need of the patient before entering any operation.


Some factors can contribute to the recovery of ocular injuries. Some are drops and antibiotic that, and some are foods and special routines that are to be said by an expert for fast recovery.