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Are there Good and Bad Times to have LASIK?
Most people with poor eye vision either wear contact lenses or eye glasses. Contact lenses can at times cause discomfort leading to itching and burning of the eye. Furthermore, someone may not be in a position to replace his or her contact lenses on a regular basis, and this may lead to some eye complications. On the other hand, wearing eye glasses strains the eye until you cannot see anything without your glasses on. There comes a time when people are no longer comfortable in these eye glasses and contact lenses and need an alternative solution. This is when they start wondering if it is the right time to have LASIK procedure.
When now is the time to have LASIK?
There are best times when you should consider having a LASIK eye surgery. These include;

  1. When you want an improved and better quality life

If you have been thinking about having LASIK eye surgery then this is the right time to do it. Having the procedure sooner means that you will be able to enjoy the benefits that it comes with for a longer time. This can be done regardless of your age and the afterward experience after the procedure is worth it.

  1. You have plans of going on a vacation

If you are someone who goes on vacations frequently then you can confirm that wearing glasses and contact lenses can be uncomfortable and bothersome. You have to carry eye glasses cleaner or contact solution just to be on the safer side. If by any chance you forget to carry these essentials then your entire vacation can be ruined. Contact lenses also tend to dry out faster when one travels on a plane. On the other hand, many people who wear glasses always have a backup plan and they do carry extra glasses on their trip. However, accidents are prone to happen and can happen anytime. What if you break both glasses when you are having fun with your friends? This will mean that you take the next flight home so that you can replace your glasses. This makes LASIK procedure the best option that you can use for travelling.

  1. When you are no longer comfortable in glasses or contact lenses

Most of the time people who use glasses and contact lenses just wish to completely be done with these two eye vision correction techniques. Some of the reasons that may make one feel like they are completely done with the above two techniques include the following.

  • Infection from contact lenses

Contact lenses are delicate because they are worn in the eye. If you use a dirty hand to put them on then you will have an eye infection.

  • Broken or misplaced eye glasses

Eye glasses for an important part of your life especially if you cannot do without them. When they break or you misplace them, getting a new one instantly can be very challenging. This is why many people opt for the LASIK procedure.

  • You cannot enjoy activities like swimming and scuba diving

If you cannot enjoy what you are doing then there is no need to exist. Wearing contact lenses and glasses hinders you from having the fun of a lifetime with your friends. This is why many people prefer getting the LASIK surgery, so that they can live a control-free life.

  • Cost

The cost of buying new glasses or contact lenses can be extremely more at the end of the year. It reaches a point that you get tired of spending so much money of changing your lenses and glasses. You can alternate that with LASIK procedure and spend once and for all.
Glasses and contact lenses are a costly options for eye vision correction. LASIK on the other hand, offers a permanent solution to vision correction. If you are using disposable contact lenses and you are in your twenties, then you will spend over $29, 000 on replacement. This means that you will have spent more by the time you are in your thirties of forties. However, there are some incidences when you might want to take a step back and not proceed with the LASIK procedure. The following are situations when LASIK might have to wait

  • If you have a persistent and untreated eye condition

You should not get this procedure done if you have persistent eye condition and you have not seen any doctor for treatment. We experience dry eyes mostly when we stare on digital devices, but this condition is usually treated with wetting eye drops and other over the counter medications. This should get you ready for the LASIK procedure. However, some experience persistent symptoms that makes LASIK procedure next to impossible for them. To determine if the procedure is the best for you, visit a LASIK clinic and consult with the specialists.

  • Eyes still changing

Although most people’s eye color gets a permanent color almost three years after birth, some people still experience this change in late teens or early twenties. This is because the body is still growing and you will have a permanent eye color once your body stops growing. Furthermore, if you are 18 years and above and you have a permanent eye color then LASIK eye procedure should not be a problem. Consult with a LASIK expert to determine if your eyes have their permanent color. To determine this, they will most likely ask you to bring your eye glasses or contact lenses to aid in checking the stability of your vision.
In concluding, there are good and bad times to have the LASIK procedure. Before you settle on having this procedure, it is important that you first consult with the experts to determine if you are the best candidate for the procedure. The times when LASIK is a good option is when you want to have a quality life, plan on going on a vacation or you no longer feel comfortable in your glasses and contact lenses. Additionally, you should not opt for the LASIK procedure if your eyes are still changing color and you have a persistent and untreated condition.