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Charlie’s Angels Star Cheryl Ladd’s Experience With Premium Laser Cataract Surgery
Long gone are the days when someone who had developed cataract in an eye or both, had to live and die with the condition. People who develop this are left with lesser to no vision in eye that is clouded with the cataract and hence have to face difficulty in performing routine tasks that otherwise require a good vision for performance. Medicine has developed today to an extent where acute surgeries are possible on the most sensitive and complex organs of the body, such as the eyes, where one such surgery designed to cure this condition is Premium Laser Assisted Cataract surgery.
Premium Laser surgery takes even less than 10 minutes to be performed upon a single eye, and has immediate effect on vision, seeing visible improvement in distant, intermediate and near vision, all but without the help of eye glasses or contact lenses in the immediate future.
Cheryl Ladd, one of prominent Charlie’s Angels actor who remained a consistent with the show till it ended, opened up about her experience with the surgery in an interview with a prominent news agency, and according to her, this Premium Surgery is “an amazing gift”. Cheryl who is now 68 years of age, recently began to lose her vision as an effect of her growing cataracts. For someone who had trouble focusing on minor things in near and far vision, the Premium Surgery changed her life in just a matter of minutes. Ladd went on to tell how she would struggle with minor jobs such as fixing a button on shirt or putting a thread through needle, but it was no more a struggle immediately after the surgery, and she is glad to be present at a time in world where such advancements have been made and such facilities are readily available to ease someone suffering from the damage of this condition. The actress received Multifocal Intraocular Lens Implants, one of the premiums offered by expert Dr. Hamilton. “All those lights from the cars at night when I was driving started to get really mushy. I was actually getting insecure about driving at night because the light was splashed all over,” she tells reminiscing about her life before restored vision. “I couldn’t tell where the cars were, how far away they were coming at me. That wasn’t a good feeling. And that’s when I found out that I had cataracts because that’s what cataracts can do. They can mush light”, narrated Cheryl Ladd of her experience.
Ladd had her surgery past December which according to her was the best thing ever to have happened to her. Contrary to a general perception of eye surgery being complex and painful, she described her experience as a smooth one which did not last more than a few minutes and gave her back her vision, and one where Cheryl was not even bound to bed for a long period. Life has been bright and colorful for Cheryl ever since. Minuscule tasks after surgery are easier to perform such as in case for Ladd who, even after just getting single lens put in, found it easier to thread a needle as compared to before, and could not believe the miracle that was happening. This is the case with all surgeries that happen, with patients recording immediate effects to their astonishment. And, soon Ladd who had to turn to wearing glasses for a long time, got her second eye treated for the same cataract, and suddenly found back her brand new vision.
Cataracts which lead to decreased or blurry vision, is a cloudy layer that forms over eyes, develop slowly over time and in one or both the eyes. Since it does not happen immediately therefore change in vision is hard to grasp or get treated immediately, and hence a treatment is most likely to be sought when a patient has most trouble in vision. Cataracts are most likely to be caused from ageing, exposure to sun, birth defects, or an eye surgery for other issues. It is also true when most adults fear lack of vision that comes as part of ageing, but luckily it is often a cause of this condition and can be easily cured leading to better eye-sight.
Cheryl Ladd is seen confident and optimistic considering her age, when most women falter to gracefully enter into old age or being unready to accept it. She considers getting her eyesight back as a gift that does not make her feel old at all, since she got rid of blurry vision and her eye glasses. According to her, she never felt the gap between her youth vision and her returned vision at old age, since she got her cataracts removed that made her vision like that of sepia filter over everything her eyes saw, and was amazed at how bright and beautiful everything looked after her first surgery.
This is not just the story of Cheryl Ladd but a voice of many people around the world, including America that sought this premium laser surgery and have a changed vision ever since. This condition is a cause of 5% blindness in the USA, and 68% of people over 80 years of age have higher chances of developing this condition, including common patients being women and people who expose themselves more to sun through their lives.
The best and foremost treatment for cataracts now is its removal altogether which is followed with prescribed eye care varying upon the severity of surgery. It is a life changing, and straight forward surgery that may mere take a few minutes to happen but result in a lifetime of ease and better vision. In case you have developed this condition and are seeking a medical opinion or even a better one, where you have trouble seeing signs, driving post and past sunset, or are facing visual challenges in your daily life, you can get in touch with Dr. Hamilton today to schedule an evaluation at 310-SEA-2020 (310-732-2020).