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Your Complete Guide to Specialty Eyewear

In today’s busy lifestyle, it has become extremely difficult to take care of all your needs and cater to every problem you face. We, being born in this digital era, are exposed to digital devices all the time. If not for work, it might be for social media, but we are on our phones most of the time. Therefore, it has become enormously essential for us to take adequate care of our eyes.
Specialty eyewear is eyeglasses that are precisely made to cater to each of your needs individually, as each activity you do, requires a different type of lenses, shape of frame as well as the material. These glasses are made for activities like skiing, snowboarding, biking, fishing or even when you are spending hours on digital devices. Therefore, normal eyeglasses are not sufficient to cater to the needs of every activity, these activities require eyeglasses that remains fixed during the activity as well as offers impact-resistant lenses. These glasses not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and glare but also gives you an additional benefit of vision correction.

Needs this Eyewear Caters:

A survey conducted by The Vision Council suggests the following reasons as to why should you buy a pair of specialty eyewear for yourself:

  • For activities such as using digital devices, driving or even hobbies that require excessive use of eyes.
  • For getting a clear vision in general.
  • It can be used for cosmetic purposes.
  • It can be used for enjoying any sports at your fullest, without worrying about protecting your eyes.

Do You Need this? Still, Confused?

Well! You don’t need to worry. Here is a detailed explanation about the type of specialty eyeglasses and for what specific purpose it is used for.

Computer Glasses to Avoid Digital Eye Strain:

In this digital era, most of our time is spend on screens of digital devices. Some of this time is spent on computer screens during work/study hours while other is spent on our smartphones just scrolling through social media and connecting with friends. With greater time spent on computer/smartphone screens, the risk of getting computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain becomes greater as well. Primarily because of the reason that you are continuously using your digital device from a specific distance, which becomes the excuse behind causing severe eye strain.
Bifocals or normal progressive lenses are not great choices when it comes to choosing eyeglasses for computer use particularly. This is because these lenses are not designed in a way to fit and cater to the intermediary distance used to view digital screens and thus, they are of no use in helping with digital eye strain and combating harmful blue light.
Computer glasses are a great solution to this problem. These glasses can be very effective because they are exclusively designed for intermediate viewing distance because they have the major portion of the lens designed for this distance especially. Trifocal lenses are also helpful if you have presbyopia, and you work frequently on computer screens.
Based on your visual requirements, your eye doctor can assist you in choosing the best computer glasses. The most important thing that you need to look out for in your computer glasses is Anti Reflective coating, it doesn’t matter whatever shape/ design you go for. When reflections are formed as a result of your device’s light on your lenses, it can increase the risk of digital eye strain. For this purpose, the AR coating is extremely important as it eradicates distracting reflections and saves your eyes from harm.

Driving Glasses to Lessen Glare:

Driving glasses can be classified into two categories- prescription eyeglasses and polarized driving sunglasses. These glasses help in reducing glare and enable the person to be able to see clearly in bright sunlight.
Polarized lenses are especially tinted for driving purposes and therefore the lenses of these glasses increase contrast to provide clearer vision.
Studies have shown that glare is one of the most common causes of automobile accidents. Therefore, it is important to wear these to save your life as well as other’s life.

Eyeglasses for Your Work and Hobby Time:

For work that requires excessive use of eyes like office work or any work that can harm your eyes like hammering, lenses are known as occupational lenses are helpful. They are mostly available in both specific design bifocals and trifocals.
Moreover, hobbies such as needlepoint, beading, crafting, reading and many more, require an extreme emphasis on the objects from a very close distance. This can cause eye strain and headaches as well because your eye muscles need to put in a lot of effort to focus on those objects.
Therefore, if both your eyes need the same correction, you will have to buy a pair of cheap reading glasses also known as “readers”, which can be found in almost any bookstore or drugstore. These glasses have stronger lenses than ordinary eyeglasses.
However, if both of your eyes require different correction, then you will need to order a pair of custom readers from any store/website.

Sports Eyewear to Be Carefree in Your Sports Activities:

These glasses can improve the clarity of your vision as well as protect your eyes from any kind of harm while you play your sports carefree. Some of the best options for athletes are protective sports eyeglasses, sports eyeglasses, and even sport contact lenses. These glasses have Trivex lenses or impact-resistant polycarbonate.

Safety Glasses to Shield Your Eyes:

This type of eyeglasses are made up of ultra-durable materials to provide extreme eye protection. They include Trivex lenses or impact-resistant polycarbonate. These glasses provide more coverage and comfort than regular glasses.

Eyewear to Add Fun to Your Style:

You might want to have glasses that match your outfit and add more fun and class to your style or maybe just a pair of glasses to lift your mood. So, this kind of eyeglasses are just made for your fashion and fun.
This detailed explanation must have helped you in making the right choice for yourself. So, don’t wait, before it’s too late.