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All Laser- LASIK

There are many terms in the internet that are used to describe laser eye surgery procedures. However, understanding each procedure can be challenging and difficult especially if you are new to the eye surgery procedures. In addition to that, you might experience many challenges in choosing the best laser company because of the similar names that are all over the internet. LASIK is the most common type of laser procedures that are available on the internet and on other platforms. There are different forms of LASIK procedures and ways in which you can determine if this is the best procedure for you, and to go about this, you can conduct a research on all the laser LASIK service providers, check reviews and consult before booing an appointment.

What is All Laser-LASIK?

There are two main steps that are involved in a Laser Lasik procedure whether or not the procedure is using laser. The first step involves the creation of the outer cover known as flap on the cornea, which is the outer most covering of the eye. A small instrument resembling a blade is used in the creation of the flap. The second step involved the lifting of the corneal flap so that an excimer laser can be used to reshape the cornea. This type of laser is an ultraviolet laser that is not visible to any light spectrum. The reshaping of the cornea using the Excimer laser helps in correcting vision related to far or near sightedness. An All Laser Lasik is used in creating the outer protective flap in the first step of the Lasik procedure.

Other similar terms to the All laser LASIK

When you are looking for the term laser Lasik, you might come across other terms which sound related to the one you were researching. You will notice that the first term that pops up is the Bladeless Lasik. Bladeless and Laser Lasik both mean the same procedure that does not require the use of a blade. Different brands have different names for the laser LASIK procedure, some of which include IntraLase, intraLASE, and iLASIK. The similar terms are not different laser procedures, rather they are brand names that other companies use.

Benefits of using All-laser LASIK

There are several advantages associated with a bladeless Lasik procedure. Some of the procedures include the following.

  • Allows eye surgeons to customize the creation of a corneal flap for each patient. The accuracy of this procedure helps surgeons in making the corneal flap with even thickness and structure. This ensures that there is less risk associated with the flap reshaping.
  • Many patients who plan to undergo this procedure are frightened by the idea of a blade going through their eye. This might make them freak out and not perform the surgery anymore. You experience peace of mind when using the All-laser LASIK because there is no blade used in the procedure.
  • Lasik procedure helps in correcting vision. Patients who have undergone this procedure has shown promising results in the healing process. An enhancement in this area can increase the number of patients who will use this procedure.
  • Additionally, Lasik procedures have minimal pains for two main reasons. First, there is no blade used in the procedure. Secondly, the numbing drops that are used before the procedure help in reducing pain levels.
  • Surgeons who use laser LASIK have been able to correct vision immediately, by the day after the LASIK procedure.
  • After a LASIK eye surgery, you do not need any bandages or even stitches to cover your eye.
  • Using laser LASIK gives you the advantage to make adjustments years after the procedure, to further correct vision in case it changes with age.
  • After patients have gone through this eye procedure, they have reduced need or no longer need to wear glasses or contact lenses to see clearly. The Lasik procedure corrects everything.

Cost of All-Laser LASIK

There is no constant price for this eye procedure. This is because the price varies depending on the provider that you have chosen and the area you live. There are some providers who will offer the service at a lower cost and others will offer it at a higher price. Your choice will determine how much you pay. Therefore, you should consider doing a research before booking a procedure and ensure that you select a provider that whom you can comfortably pay without having to dig deeper into your pockets. In addition to that, the area you live in also determines how much you will pay for the procedure. Areas where the procedure is not in demand will pay slightly lower process for the LASIK procedure whereas areas where All-laser LASIK procedure is in demand will charge more for the procedure. This is because they are assured of many clients. LASIK procedures cost approximately 10-15% of the normal bladed procedures.

How to determine if you are a qualified candidate for the LASIK procedure

It is advisable that before you settle for a LASIK procedure, that you first consult with your eye doctor and determine if the procedure is safe for you. Getting the consent of your eye doctor is important because you may want to get the procedure but your current eye condition does not allow you to get the procedure, and this can result to health problems or excessive damage of the eye. However, if your eye doctor assesses your condition and finds that you are fit for the procedure then you can schedule an appointment with an All-laser LASIK surgeon and get the eye procedure.

In conclusion, ALL-laser LASIK is a blade-free eye procedure that most eye patients are comfortable with. Moreover, a LASIK surgery does not require stitching or bandaging and this is what makes it the best eye procedure. In addition to that, people who depend on spectacles and contact lenses do not need them after undergoing a LASIK surgery. However, it is important that you consult with your eye doctor to determine if you are fit for the procedure. Booking an appointment for this procedure without consulting with your doctor can result to extreme damages.