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Eight reasons why it burns when you put on your contact lenses
There are different reasons as to why many people choose to wear contact lenses. Some put them on as a fashion statement, others as a career path requirement whereas others wear them as a medical concern. Nowadays contact lenses have been designed in such a way that one can wear them from daily wear to extended wear, depending on the lifestyle needs of an individual.
However, if you are wearing contact lenses for convenience, it comes with a greater responsibility of taking care of the lenses and your eyes. Contact lenses are meant to be a temporary solution to eye problems and should never burn when you put them on. However, if you happen to experience a burn sensation when using contact lenses then you should get to the root cause of the problem before it becomes too late. Some of the reasons why you are experiencing a burn include the following.

  1. You are not washing your hands like you should

If you are wearing contact lenses, your hands need to be clean at all times, and this is done by thoroughly washing your hands before putting on or removing the contact lenses. Wash your hands with a mild soap and tap them dry with a lint-free towel. Using a lint-free towel is important in this case as it prevents any particles from sticking on the contact lenses. Also, avoid using lotion son your hand before you put on your contact lenses. Spraying perfumes and other chemical or harsh substances should not be used at all before putting on the lenses because it can be one of the reasons for the burning sensation.

  1. Allergic reactions

Allergies are also another common cause of burning sensation when using the contact lenses. This is known as allergic conjunctivitis, which can be the main cause of the inflammation. The allergic reaction occurs when the body perceives a harmless substance as harmful. it is natural for the body to use different techniques to get rid of any intruder. For instance, if you are allergic to pollen or dust, and they happen to get into your contact lenses, your body will naturally perceive this intruder, and the contact lenses will start causing itchiness, redness, watery eyes and burning sensations.

  1. Sensitivity to the contact lens solution

You might also be sensitive to the solution that the contact lens is kept it. However, this does not mean that you stop wearing your contacts, instead, you should find an alternative solution to clean the lenses. Before you find the appropriate solution, dust, pollen and even germs can get into the contact lenses, reducing the amount of oxygen getting through your eyes and cause irritation and burning. Seek professional help on finding the best cleaning alternative for your contact lenses.

  1. Your eyes are dry

Dry eyes also cause itchiness and burning sensation from the contact lenses. Some of the signs and symptoms of dry eyes include scratchiness, redness and feeling as if something is stuck on your eyes. Watery eyes are also a sign of dry eyes and should be looked into carefully. Watery eyes seems to be contrary to dry eyes, but the truth is your eyes can compensate for excessive dryness by producing reflex tears. This type of tears is very watery and is the same type that we get when we are cutting onions. To determine if you have dry eyes, an optometrist can help you by conducting a simple and painless test.

  1. You have an infection

If your have an underlying eye infection and you go ahead and put on contact lenses without having an eye checkup then you are prone to burning sensation from your contact lenses. There are many types of eye infections, some of which include keratitis and corneal ulcers. The infection that occurs in this case is referred to as the contact lens-induced acute red eye infection. It is the most common type of eye infection that is associated with wearing contact lenses.

  1. Wearing too much eye makeup

Have you been in a position where you are putting eye makeup and the makeup accidentally gets into your eye? If yes, then this is the same situation as with contact lenses. Contact lenses are part of your eyes and getting some eye products into your lenses while having them on will cause irritation, redness and a burning feeling. Using products with glitter and lining the inside of your waterline will potentially lead to particles getting into your eyes and causing irritation. This is why it is important that you minimize too much eye makeup and avoid getting other foreign particles into your eyes.

  1. You are wearing contact lenses longer than you should

Since contact lenses are a temporary solution to eye problems, they should be taken off when not in use. You can rely on your contact lenses when you are at work or holding an important meeting but when you come back home, you should take them off. A survey that was conducted by the American Optometry Association, showed that almost 60 percent of people wearing contact lenses admitted to wearing their disposable contact lenses longer than recommended. This is a danger to the eye as it can cause permanent damage to the eye. In addition to that, bacterial infections may get inside the eye since the eye is deprived of oxygen. You can be very tired when you get home until you sleep with your contacts on. Make it a habit of removing your contact lenses first before doing anything else at home.

  1. The contact lenses do not fit properly

Wearing loose contact lenses is also another cause for the burning and itchy feeling. You need to get contact lenses that perfectly fit to increase your safety and comfort. If your eyes hurt when you are putting on the contact lenses, it is important that you get them fitted again. Do not ignore the burning feeling as it could be a potential danger to your eyes.