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It’s easy to find quality contact lenses these days. With a high number of options on the market, it’s less daunting to have a good investment. While the process can be a headache to beginners, knowing some selection pointers can make the process simpler than you have ever thought.
Now that you use soft contact lenses, your job does not stop there. Quality features won’t last for a lifetime. From comfort, flexibility to performance, soft contact lenses require a frequent replacement over time. To avoid unnecessary and expensive replacement, relevant maintenance comes into play.
The lack of care and attention can cause a range of eye infections or even blindness. So, why would you forget to maintain your investment? At first, keeping their functionality is easier. It doesn’t require a complicated and strict procedure to follow. It is also perfect for those who have a hectic schedule.
Before, maintaining contact lenses was difficult. But times have changed today. Not only does it involve less time, but it also lessens the trouble along the way.
Switching lens care regimens has been a practice for individuals across the globe. Don’t do the same thing. It’s wise to ask a qualified specialist before making a decision. Remember that using an incompatible product cannot only ruin your lens but also pose a danger to your vision.

Soft Contact Lens Care: The Basics

Who says that maintaining a soft contact lens is a tedious task? The truth is that the process is fun yet challenging. To lessen the trouble, understanding the basics is a smart idea. Without further ado, let’s get started!

  • Washing your Hands is Key

Every day, we use smartphones, hold doorknobs, use books, or grab handles in the malls. Take note that such stuff has a high level of bacteria. So, wash your hands before cleaning your lenses to avoid the transfer of germs. Avoid moisturizing soaps because they pose a risk to your contacts. After that, make sure to dry your hands with a lint-free and soft towel.

  • Clean one Lens with the Perfect Solution

House cleaning removes dust particles. Lens care is no exception. While it gets rid of a buildup of dirt, it also removes other debris, bringing back the optimal comfort. Experts also encourage everyone to rub the lens in the palm with drops from a safe solution.

  • Rinse the Lens

After rubbing the lens, your job does not stop there! It’s time to rinse them to get rid of any loosened debris. Rinsing plays a crucial role in lens maintenance, so get it done according to the industry’s highest standards.

  • Place them in a Clean Holder

Since you already dry the lens, what’s next? Don’t forget to place the contact in its case. Then, fill it with a fresh solution to disinfect or kill the microorganisms. Remember that the disinfection time depends on the product of your choice. It’s also imperative to check the package for more information.

  • Repeat the process for other Lenses


Not all cleaning solutions can match every patient’s needs. Depending on how much protein your eyes deposit on the lens and what kind of contacts you wear, a capable specialist might recommend a special product for protein removal.
Regular cleaning reduces a high level of protein. But it still builds up on the lenses, which in turn makes them uncomfortable to wear. So, use a protein remover, especially during an overnight use.
For those who use disposables, it’s not necessary to utilize a protein remover.

Eye Irritation and Dryness

Eye dryness is painful and uncomfortable. Without a proper treatment, it can cause eye irritation and other vision problems. Don’t worry! Just apply a few drops from a solution to rewet the lenses and provide enough lubrication.

Eye Allergies and Sensitivity

Eye allergy has also been common to some lens wearers out there. To avoid risk, preservative-free products are excellent alternatives. Eye sensitivity sounds a simple problem. But the lack of effective treatment can lead to other overwhelming problems.

Products to Incorporate into your Regimen

  • Saline Solutions

Searching for a product that rinses or stores contact lenses? Don’t look further than a saline solution! Perfect for those who use a UV disinfection system, a saline solution can clean and disinfect tablets and other devices. Remember that saline-rich products are not ideal for disinfection and cleaning.

  • Daily Cleaners

Before, maintaining contact lenses was a daunting task. But it has never been easier with a daily cleaner. All you have to do is to place a few drops in your hand. Then, rub the lens for at least 20 seconds to clean all sides. For rinsing or disinfection, utilize other products from a reliable provider.

  • Multipurpose Solution

Apart from a daily cleaner, there’s a multipurpose solution you cannot afford to miss. From cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting to storing contact lenses, a flexible product can do them all. Similar to other options, a multipurpose brand does not require a strict procedure. Just rinse them twice to avoid eye sensitivity. Then, place them in a sturdy case.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Another great alternative is the hydrogen peroxide solution. How does it work? To get started, place the lenses in a basket and rinse them. After that, fill the cup with the solution to get rid of any dirt particles and provide extra disinfection.

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Devices

Last but not least is the cleaning and disinfecting device. While the ultrasonic waves provide a cleaning effect, the ultraviolet light offers extra disinfection.
To use a cleaning and disinfecting device, rinse the lens. Put it in a device. Fill it with the best solution. Place the lid. Then, plug it in to clean or disinfect your contacts. That’s all! Everything is set!