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There have been a lot of recent studies and even statistics which showed that a significant threat has been occurring in the lives of the Americans when it comes to their eye health. However, even though there have been created ways and means of them to prevent any eye health condition, which is of considerable risk to them, they still could not keep up with the proper maintenance when it comes to the health of their eyes. Most of them are still not doing what is necessary for them to do in order for them to have a lasting vision for themselves and for their families as well.
In addition, there has been a survey conducted by Bausch + Lomb which is anchored to what the citizens of America are up to when it comes to one’s eye health. According to the survey, it had gathered 10 respondents and only seven out of these 10 who would want to lose a limb rather than lose their eyesight. It is very much evident that the American people would dare to have a broken arm or leg or none at all than to be blind. However, it was discovered that they are not even aware of the significance of an eye exam as they themselves have not undergone any. What they have thought of was that an examination of the eyes would only be necessary for those who are having their vision problems. Nevertheless, an eye exam is actually given every one annually as it would then allow doctors to figure out and determine early signs of certain eye ailments and diseases.
Hence, eye health really is a vital thing to adhere to. It would help one in attaining his or her success as most of the jobs across the world are in need of a visually healthy person. But then, you might wonder how would you be able to keep up with your eye health? You do not need to worry anymore as below, listed are the tips and techniques for you to be able to keep up and maintain your eye health.
You Must Regularly Take Eye Exams
A lot of people nowadays are so confident that they would not need an eye examination at all. Most of you would have to just wait for your schedule of an eye exam if only needed. Or sometimes, you would barely even go and have a check-up on your eyes because you might think that you do not need any since you have no eye impairments at all. Nevertheless, eye problems are not just the only reason for you to take up an eye exam or for you to see your doctor. You should not wait for something else bad to happen to you, but instead, you have got to anticipate what could happen so as for you to get your regular eye check-up. As a matter of fact, a healthy person should always have an eye exam annually, whether he or she has the perfect and best vision, among others else.
By taking up an examination of your eyes, you get to allow your eye doctor to spot changes and other necessary details in accordance with your vision. You might not know, but eye exams could actually detect high blood pressure, so you would then know if you already have a hypertension. It even detects heart ailments and high blood sugar, as well. But most importantly, it gets to detect any early signs of eye diseases, which could be a great threat to you. Examples of these eye ailments are cataracts, glaucoma, or those age-related macular degenerations or simply AMD. You might tell yourself that you have no symptoms at all of these various diseases only for the reason that some of these diseases would actually not give you or show you its early symptoms. But then if you get to have your regular eye check-up, you get to be provided with a better chance to be granted of the things to be considered or at least to slow its progression. You would never dare to neglect any eye disease, so better not ignore your regular eye exams as well.
You Must Integrate Foods Which Would Support Eye Health
It is very much good for your body to eat the necessary and nutritious foods. But you would not know that these foods you intake could actually be best for your eyes as well. There are various foods that get to be excellent to provide you with a clearer eyesight. With this, you got to select the foods which are very much rich in vitamin C and E, those with antioxidants such as lutein, zinc, and omega 3 fatty acids. Examples of these foods are those who are of leafy green vegetables, fishes specifically tuna and salmon, citrus fruits, eggs, and even nuts.
You Must Get Rid of Smoking Cigarettes
Obviously, cigarettes are very much bad for your health. When you say health, you would already associate it with just merely one’s respiratory and cardiovascular systems. But actually, it sure would be a great threat to your eyes as based on researches. Smokers are most likely to get various eye diseases such as cataracts, AMDs, or even uveitis than those who do not smoke at all. You could even get blind with just smoking cigarettes so stop smoking now!
You Should Always Wear Any Protective Eyewear
One of the protective eyes wears that you could obviously wear is a sunglass or eyeglass perhaps. You could also make use of other eye wears such as eye guards, safety glasses, safety shields, goggles, and the like, which sure will protect you from the UV light and other radiations.
If You Have A Contact Lens, Make Sure to Handle Them Correctly
Sometimes, you would get so lazy when it comes to cleaning your things, but you should never do the same thing when it comes to your contact lenses dear. You must always follow the guidelines on how to take good care and handle well your lenses as there are very much necessary for you. Hence, you should always clean your contacts with accurate and correct solutions for you. You should never wash it with soap, water, make up remover and the like. This is because the improper care of your contacts would lead to a very much high risk of you getting various eye diseases and infections. So always keep your contacts clean, dear!