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Eye Conditions

Dr. Sadiqa Stelzner is an expert of eye care in Los Angeles at the Hamilton Eye Institute. Providing an expert diagnosis of multiple types of eye conditions, you have access to various refractive treatment choices. All these options are designed to correct visual errors and allow you to see better.
Devoted to the correction of refractive errors such as hyperopia (Farsightedness) and myopia (Nearsightedness), refractive surgery is an opthalmic specialty. Dr. Stelzner offers multiple eye care procedures to treat these conditions such as cataract surgery and LASIK.
Most Common Eye Conditions
Emmetropia- This is the ideal state of an eye without any refractive errors. These eyes are able to see clean, crisp images because of the proper function of the cornea reflecting light into the retina without distortion.
Hyperopia- Also known as farsightedness, hyperopia describes a condition that allows one who suffer from it to see things clearly at a distance with more clarity than objects up close. This is more common in people with smaller eyes than normal. It causes light rays to not focus properly with the retina which results in blurry vision. The treatment for this is LASIK, IOLs, and PRK.
Myopia- Known as nearsightedness, myopia is the opposite of hyperopia. You are able to see with more clarity up close than you are far away. The most common cause of myopia is a steep curve of the surface of the eye or having a longer-than-normal shape which would result in a greater than normal distance between the cornea and retina.
There are multiple treatments for myopia including, LASIK, SMILE, PRK, and IOLs.
Presbyopia- this common eye condition occurs during the normal aging process. Most common in adults who are 40+ years of age, this condition occurs when the lens of the eye loses its flexibility. This will result in difficulty in adjusting focus on objects that are near. This is easily corrected with IOLs.
Cataracts- Occurring naturally with the process of aging, cataracts are a cloudiness in the eye. This opacification in the eye can obstruct the light’s passage into the retina. Though beginning as a manageable eye condition, it can progress into vision loss and worsen over time. These are extremely common and are easily removed through cataract surgery.
Astigmatism- With its cause being a steep and uneven curvature of the eye, astigmatism is when you have blurry sight both near and far. The blurry vision is caused by the light being prevented from focusing on a single point in the retina.

Treatments include PRK, AK (Astigmatic Keratotomy), and LASIK.

If you find yourself suffering from one of these very common eye conditions, and you live in the great Los Angeles area, it is time for you to consider your options for treatment. These treatments will help you regain your vision while reducing the dependence of visual aids. Just a simple consultation with Dr. Sadiqa Stelzner will help answer your questions and offer long-term solutions for your visual condition.