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Some of you might be aware that LACMA is one of the medical associations that is mainly located in the Los Angeles Country. Some of you might say that it is the best medical association and some of you might claim that it is not. We know that all of you want to know the story behind the growth of LACMA for the past few years. Fortunately, this post will provide you the entire information that will help you to know LACMA more. So, read on to know further.

Way back in 1871, LACMA is one of the number one physicians when it comes to quality healthcare in L.A county. As a result, it will make sure that the staff, crews, and other members of LACMA are represented in the different areas of community relations, government relations, as well as public policy. With the help of their efforts made by statewide CMA (California Medical Association) and the Los Angeles County, the physician staff and leaders are doing their best to get the same vision. Their vision is to spend more hours on treating their patients and lesser time to handle the various issues that weaken and intimidate their practice of medicine.

Both the CMA and the LACMA are doing their best to give an answer to the healthcare challenges that are present in these days. Aside from that, they are also focusing on solving the healthcare delivery problems that might happen today or in the future. The physicians of CMA and LACMA have the main goal which is to achieve to promote and educate a wider range of understanding about the term “care” in the word “healthcare.” They also want to educate a wider range of people about the political pressures and needs that are present in healthcare delivery, as well as to preserve the sacrosanct relationship between the doctor and the patient. Protecting and preserving the healthcare delivery noble pursuit for the physician is the solemn duty of both CMA and LACMA.

The vision of L.A County Medical Association (LACMA)

“The L.A. County Medical Association will be the premier organization that all L.A. County physicians look to for their professional needs, that the healthcare community respects, and that the public trusts.”

The mission of L.A County Medical Association (LACMA)

“LACMA is an organization of dedicated physicians who advocate quality healthcare for all patients and serve the professional needs of its members.”

Values of L.A County Medical Association (LACMA)

Perseverance – Integrity – Excellence

The Story of LACMA (Enduring Change, Pursuing Excellence)

LACMA can be defined by many as one of the best medical associations that are located in Los Angeles. But the truth is that, in spite of the blessings they have for the past few years, there are still some problems and obstacles that they experience as their established Association grows. If you want to know the hidden story about LACMA, keep on reading and enjoy it!

Way back 31 January 1871, during the calming evening of Tuesday, the LACMA (Los Angeles County Medical Association) story has been started. There is a group of 7 physicians who are dedicated enough to share their knowledge on how to treat the different illnesses of their patients. These physicians congregate in the office of their colleagues. The reason why they are gathered together is very obvious. It is because they are committed to their growing community, their patients, as well as their profession. These dedicated physicians created their own professional excellence standard that up to this generation, they considered it to be the best practice medicine that is located in L.A County.

“This association is devoted to the development of the science and art of medicine, the conservation and protection of public health, and the betterment of the medical profession” is the preamble of the Los Angeles County Medical Association that was written by these physicians. It only means that if the Los Angeles County grows, the LACMA will also grow at the same time. For the initial 30 years of LACMA in the industry, the member of the said association started to plan and establish the first clinics and hospitals located in L.A. They also started to find a medical school that is located at the University of Southern California.

After World War II, the Los Angeles County Medical Association remained to be the number one association when it comes to healthcare. This is always true on the problems that are associated to the population of the postwar area, as well as to the issues linked to the ever-changing of values and cultures. HIV, cancer, pulmonary disease, cardiac disease, as well as water and air pollution are just some of the diseases that represent the number of issues in public when it comes to their health. Luckily, the members of the said association are dedicated enough to combat all of these diseases.

In these days, while the members of LACMA are committed and responsible to cure the illnesses and give enough care to their patients, the new obstacles that they will face are also emerging and increasing. There are lots of factors that influence the industry dramatically. These are the disregarding for the patient’s care access, the continuous spread of the malpractice lawsuits, the increasing price rate of healthcare, as well as the managed care advent.

In these days, the dedicated physicians are still problematic and hurting because of these situations. It only means that their patients need more involvement in their chosen careers. Similar to the past few years that LACMA is present in the industry, in these days, the said association is still respecting and recognizing the strong individualism of the physicians while reaching their goal, which is to have a unified and powerful voice to protect the rights of the patient, as well as the physician. With the help of the continuous relationship of the dedicated physicians, medical students, as well as residents in the area, the Los Angeles County Medical Association can still maintain its original vision.