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Are you on the fence about getting LASIK? On one hand, you want to see better, but on the other hand, you still aren’t sure if it’s right for you. Knowledge always helps. Check out these important LASIK stats and get one step closer to booking that consultation!

Over 95 Percent of People Are Happy with Their Results

Whenever you get any procedure, you want to be pleased with the results. That is highly likely to happen when that procedure is LASIK. Around 95 percent of people are satisfied with their outcome, and 90 percent of people end up with 20/20 vision or better. Those numbers make it easy for people to move forward with confidence. They know they are more than likely to get the results they want with LASIK.

Less Than 0.5 Percent of People Have Serious Complications

While around 5 percent of people have some type of complication, it is usually mild. For instance, they might see halos while driving at night right after the procedure. These issues usually go away over time. Around 0.3 percent of people have serious complications that include dry eyes and infection. In many cases, the surgeon can treat the issue and take care of the problem.

You can reduce your risk of having serious complications by going with an experienced eye surgeon. Dr. Hamilton knows how to use the technology to provide the best outcomes possible. He also understands the importance of aftercare and will provide you with a plan that will keep your eyes safe and healthy.

LASIK Makes Up 96 Percent of Refractive Procedures

There are a lot of refractive surgery options out there, including PRK. However, most people still opt for LASIK. In fact, 96 of people who get refractive surgery go with LASIK. This is largely because it has been around for decades and has a proven track record of success. People also like the fact that they can go in, get the procedure, and see later that day. Recovery is fast and easy, and the results are known. That makes it easy for people to move forward with confidence.

Around 700,000 Procedures Are Performed Each Year

With 96 percent of people going with LASIK, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are around 700,000 procedures performed each year. This doesn’t just make it the most common refractive surgery. It makes it one of the most common surgeries overall. In fact, it is so common that you probably know someone who has undergone LASIK. If you don’t know someone now, you likely will in the future. The number of people who undergo LASIK is expected to continue to grow, so your family, friends, and neighbors might be the next people to undergo the procedure.

The numbers really speak for themselves. LASIK is a popular procedure, and that popularity is unlikely to change. Make an appointment with Dr. Rex Hamilton so you can have the best outcome possible.