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Dr. Hamilton has achieved post-operative LASIK results of 20/20 or better in 99% of his patients for 2018! This is a remarkable result, placing him among the elite of refractive surgeons in Southern California. Dr. Hamilton attributes this level of success to many of his practices that separate him from other ophthalmologists who perform LASIK:

  •  Dr. Hamilton and his staff conduct comprehensive pre-operative screenings of patients with the most advanced diagnostic tools available. He looks for issues that other ophthalmologists might not, such as early signs of corneal disease by evaluating the posterior cornea (the front window of the eye).
  • His pre-operative planning utilizes his previous patients’ outcomes in order to properly fine tune the laser’s programming. Given his vast fifteen years of experience performing LASIK and other refractive procedures, he has an intricate understanding of his surgical technique and how to optimize for his patients’ outcomes.
  • Dr. Hamilton is meticulous about keeping his operation area as sterile as possible to prevent any source of infection from tampering with a patient’s LASIK results.

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