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Five Reasons to get LASIK before turning 30
To be a perfect candidate for LASIK, you have to be in good general health. People will health complications might not qualify for this program because of the aftermath the procedure might have on their health. This is why it is important to consult with your doctor before you book an appointment for the LASIK procedure. Being in your 20s is a perfect age for many things. This is the best time to get married, build a career and advance in your job. The FDA has approved this procedure for people who are 18 years and above. Although there is no specific age to get this surgery, there are some reasons why people in their 20s should consider having this surgery.

  1. Helps you stay active

Having your life in order and doing some of the activities that you love is what everyone is looking for. In your 20s, you are still active, you go for crazy adventures and even night outs with your friends. You should have mad fun during this time and that can be easily done through a LASIK eye procedure. Correcting your eye problem earlier assured you of a future free from eye glasses and contact lenses. Wearing your glasses or contact lenses can be boring and can limit you to doing so many things with your friends. You will not be able to scuba dive, swim, and play softball, among other activities because you are scared of breaking your glasses or losing a contact. Getting LASIK surgery in your 20s, helps assures you of an active and enjoyable future, full of adventures and fun activities.

  1. Take advantage of your youth

Most people wear glasses and contact lenses in their 40s and 50s as an eye correction solution. This is why your grandmother or your old parents find difficulties reading and going about their daily activities without their glasses. This type of life is very scary because once you lose your eye glasses or contact lenses, you will not be able to do anything, and you can mess things around the house, which might cause accidents. Your entire life depends on the glasses. Having LASIK eye procedure in your 20s allows you to enjoy a future which is free from glasses and contacts. Unlike many old people, you will be able to continue with your life amazingly without having to worry about your glasses.

  1. Maximize your Investment

You encounter many employment opportunities in your 20s as opposed to your 40s or 50s. This is because most companies need young and energetic individuals who can be very productive and increase the sales and profits of the company. You are most likely to be hired to work full time in big companies because you can deliver the required task at the required time. Having a LASIK eye procedure in your 20s helps you save more in the future as you will not require to spend additional costs on replacing broken or lost eyeglasses and changing contact lenses every time. Once your correct your vision using the LASIK procedure, you will not need to incur those additional costs. Some people might find this process expensive, but it is better if you start saving up now and get the procedure done once and for all. It might be expensive now but you are assured of enjoying the future without any worries. To determine if you are the right candidate for this procedure, you can consult with your doctor and get his approval.

  1. Take advantage of your prescription stability

Not everyone qualifies for this procedure. There are some requirements that you must fulfill to be able to qualify for the LASIK procedure. One of the requirements are stable eyeglass prescription. In your 20s, your eye prescriptions have most probably stabilized and you can continue with the LASIK eye procedure. This eye correction procedure cannot be performed on you if your eyes are still changing color. Most of the time, eye color stops changing three years after birth and some people’s eye color change in their early teenage stage. In your 20s, your eye color has probably stabilized. To know if you qualify for the procedure, consult with an eye surgeon to examine your eyes and see if you are safe for the procedure. You can then proceed and book your appointment.

  1. Enjoy a hassle free living

Nothing hurts as the fact that your friends are living a hassle free life and you cannot even have fun because of the hindrance from your glasses and contact lenses. You fear all the time that you will break your glasses or you will lose one of your contacts. This is very frustrating and can make you avoid your friends simply because you cannot have fun with them when they want you to. With the LASIK eye procedure you will enjoy a hassle free life, and you will not need to experience some adventures in life with glasses or contact lenses. In addition to that, you are also at an advantage of working freely in your area of work which requires more physical activity such as the military and police officers, and construction workers among others. You are free to live the best life you can and do any job of your choice.
In conclusion, although there is no right age to get LASIK eye procedure, the best time you can get it done is before turning 30. This is because in your 20s, you are trying to save up more for your future, you need every cent to make it count. Doing LASIK procedure during this time helps you save more money that could have been used in buying or replacing your eye glasses and changing your contact lenses and solution every time. In addition to that, you can have fun with your friends and engage in activities you like such as swimming and scuba diving without worrying about breaking or losing your contact lens in water. Therefore, it is important that you have your LASIK eye procedure performed at this time.