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Why Not Give Yourself The Gift of LASIK This Holiday Season?

It’s always an exciting (and crazy) time of year and a huge part of the fun is about giving and receiving gifts. But this year, when you think about your best friend, wife, husband or for yourself special Christmas gifts, don’t limit yourself to things that come from a shop. To be honest, one of the best ideas is a clear vision as Christmas gifts. This year, you should give the gift of LASIK to yourself or a loved one! Here are a few reasons for considering it.

1. For the rest of their lives, it’s something that can positively affect them.

There are few gifts that you can offer that will be used every day and your recipient will also benefit every day. Laser eye surgery definitely will improve the quality of life from here onwards. Whether it’s for yourself or your very athletic spouse who needs clear vision without the hassle of contacts and glasses.

2. It’s one of the most unforgettable and special gifts that you can offer.

Finding a unique Christmas gift for your loved one can be difficult particularly when you’ve know them for a long time. If you ask someone there are few people who say they have sent this as a holiday present – or received it. Not only you can surprise by your gift to recipients, but you will also show them how much you care for them and their well-being.

3. Now it’s more affordable than ever before.

Some time ago, the idea of giving LASIK as a gift may have been insane, but over the years, it has become increasingly affordable. While still an expense, today there are many individuals who can pay in cash for LASIK. And there are also funding solutions available for those who can’t.

Your loved one take benefit from LASIK its depend on their vision, eye health or other factors. You can contact us at any time to schedule your appointment, making it a fun and surprising gift to remember.


A medical procedure is a bit more difficult to gift than simply buying a box of chocolates. Here are our 3 tips for giving LASIK this holiday season to yourself, friends or family.

1. FIND OUT If LASIK is on their list of wishes

LASIK surgery is eye surgery that by reshaping the cornea, improves vision. This procedure can dramatically improve vision if it performed by a trained LASIK surgeon. LASIK is a common operation, but it’s not always the right fit. Before offering this care as a holiday present, make sure the recipient is involved in the surgery.

Some people want LASIK, but they are not suitable candidates. Using advanced refractive surgery techniques and technology, Hamilton Eye Institute provides laser vision correction to many people who have been told they are not applicants for LASIK. Come and visit Dr. Hamilton and before giving up on a LASIK dream, explore the possibilities.

2. A small one goes a long way

Correcting laser vision is an investment. Depending on your budget, the full cost of the operation will be more than you are able to spend. If you can’t pay for the whole treatment yourself, give what you can and note that each penny helps.

One way LASIK can be offered is to make the surgery a community gift without costing yourself the full bill. By pooling money together you can make a clear vision possible without investing more than you can. Recruit friends, family and colleagues in order to help you pay for the surgery.

3. Leave to the patient and their doctor for the medical decisions

The patient and doctor are best able to make medical decisions together. Give them space if you want to offer a medical procedure.

The patient and surgeon may decide to go ahead with LASIK after consultation and exam. A different vision-enhancing process like PRK can be chosen by them. They may find it’s not the right fit for surgery.