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When Dr. Hamilton performs cataract or refractive lens exchange surgery, he is removing the natural lens of the eye and replacing it with an intraocular lens implant (IOL). Ideally, the IOL implanted should correct vision for all “vision zones”.

Standard, insurance covered IOLs are called monofocal or “one focus”. These lenses do not correct for astigmatism and are focused at one vision zone only, typically distance. This means the recipient of the monofocal IOL will require glasses to see clearly at all distances. Moreover, if the monofocal IOL is chosen to target distance vision, near vision will be completely non-functional and blurry without reading glasses. Menus, pricetags, cellphone, tablets, laptop, newspaper and other reading material, putting on make-up: all these tasks will require assistance in the form of spectacles or magnifying device (e.g. mirror).

Dr. Hamilton specializes in advanced IOL options for his precision, laser assisted lens surgeries. There are several categories of advanced IOL technologies:

  • Monofocal Toric IOL

  • Multifocal IOL (Toric option available)

  • Extended Depth of Focus IOL (Toric option available)

  • Accomodative IOL (Toric option available)

Advanced IOL Options

Toric IOLs

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Multifocal IOLs

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Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) IOLs

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Accommodating IOLs

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