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A cataract is a cloudiness or opacification in the normally clear and transparent lens of the eye. When significant, this clouding interferes with the passage of light to the retina and blurs vision. There are many types of cataract. Most forms develop in adult life and tend to increase in severity with advancing age. Cataracts can be the side effect of certain medications, be caused by disease or injury, or exist at birth. Signs and symptoms include painless blurring of vision, overall dimness of vision, frequent eyeglass prescription changes, glare and haloes.
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The only way to remove cataracts from the eye is through cataract surgery. This is an extremely safe and common procedure, with premium options that can help to correct other eye conditions (such as astigmatism and presbyopia) during the surgery. To remove the cataract from the eye, the cataract is broken up into small pieces and then vacuumed out of the eye. This is an outpatient procedure, which means that patients are able to return to their homes the same day as their cataract removal.
Prior to surgery, patients must have a consultation to determine the best surgical options and approach to cataract surgery for their needs. Rex Hamilton, M.D. is one of the most experienced eye surgeons in Los Angeles, and a member of the Refractive Cataract Surgery Clinical Committee for the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery since the year 2012. He has also been voted one of 300 Premier Refractive Cataract Surgeons in the United States by Ocular Surgery News (2016).
If you have cataracts or are considering cataract surgery for a loved one, it is important to consider experience and expertise in the field. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rex Hamilton at the Hamilton Eye Institute to learn more about your options.