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Many people are now switching to LASIK because of its effectiveness in correcting vision problems. While the number of clients increases, the surgeons are no exception. Although it can be an advantage, it’s daunting to narrow down the options.

Worry no more as you have come to the right place! In this article, you will understand some pointers when looking for the best professional! Are you ready? Let’s check it out!

Factors to Consider

Starters encounter a trouble finding a surgeon. The truth is that the process can be fun as long as you know what to do.

While there are overwhelming factors to weigh in mind, the following is a good start. Take a close look!

Licensing – It is tempting to try the cheapest solution to correct your vision problems. Don’t do the same thing. Make sure your option is certified by the state licensing boards to guarantee their credentials. It is important to check their background through the National Data Bank and other concerned authorities.

LASIK is a sensitive treatment. That’s why patients need a licensed specialist for their safety and comfort. Although the fees are expensive, the results make everything worth-it.

Board Certification – Aside from that, what’s next? Your job does not stop there. Ask whether or not a specialist can practice medicine. More than the license, they have to complete specific training and continue their post-baccalaureate degrees. Does a professional have the license and training? Then, they are good to go!

American College of Surgeons Membership – Let’s say a surgeon has the license, post-baccalaureate degree, and training. Is it enough to give you peace of mind? Well, an ophthalmologist that is a member of the American College of Surgeons can give you an advantage. Aside from the expertise, you can be sure that a specialist upholds ethical standards of conduct.

Advertisements – Businesses advertise their services to newspapers, television, radio, and the internet. LASIK surgeons are no exception. In fact, many refractive surgery clinics market their solutions on such platforms. While some ads are informative, others emphasize on their affordable pricing. When looking for a doctor, don’t consider the fees. Consider the service’s quality. Although the solutions can cause a dent in your savings account, your comfort and safety are not compromised.

Referrals – Yes, there are many eye surgeons. However, the selection process remains a big challenge for beginners. The secret here is to ask for a referral from a practitioner. Don’t forget to tell your physician about your needs. Do you want someone in your area with the best reputation? Then, there’s no harm in asking. Experienced surgeons can be a good source of referrals. Contact one today. Or ask a friend, colleague, or relative. Perhaps, they know someone that will exceed your requirements.

Other Resources – The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and the American Academy of Ophthalmology are also a perfect place to search for the best professionals. In fact, they have directories you can count on.

Questions to Ask a Surgeon

Let’s say you find a surgeon. What are you going to do next? It’s time to make an appointment! Before anything else, write down all relevant questions. Below are some of the things you can ask:

  • How many eye surgeries have you done?
  • What is your complication rate? How is it different from the national rate?
  • Do you perform an operation at your own clinic?  Or is it important to travel to a different place?
  • What are your results’ statistics? How do these equate with the national average?
  • Had the center you use ever had an outbreak of serious infections? If so, what are the main causes?
  • If a complication occurs, what’s your policy to alleviate and overcome the problem?
  • Do you charge extra fees when an enhancement is necessary?
  • How much is the additional cost?
  • What is your cutoff date for addressing problems after the procedure?
  • Does your billing department break out? Does it explain all necessary costs linked to a vision correction procedure?
  • Consult another surgeon is you’re not happy with the answers.

Other Refractive Procedures to Consider

What are the other things to consider? It is important to assess a surgeon’s competence and versatility in a wide array of refractive procedures. Why? Remember that LASIK is not the best treatment for people of all ages. Choose someone who is experienced with various processes, such as LASEK, LASIK clear lens replacement, and PRK. When a specialist displays a thorough understanding of the procedures, he can recommend the best solution to treat your vision problems.

A professional that uses the latest technology can also give you an advantage. Does he have a quality clinic? High-end tools? Then, they will be your best shot!

It is also necessary to know whether a surgical center has an unusual or onion outbreak of infection. With strains of antibiotics and bacteria, it is important that doctors observe high standards in sterilizing equipment and other instruments.

It is also crucial to ask if a surgeon performs a surgery at his clinic. That way, you can be sure that he has considerable experience and expertise.

After the appointment, don’t feel obligated to grab the services of a particular surgeon. Please feel free to talk to other specialists. It’s normal to feel that you offend someone. But seeking a second opinion is a good practice

Advantages of Working with a Surgeon in your Area

After a surgery, a serious complication is common to patients who undergo LASIK and other refractive surgeries. Don’t worry! A professional in your area can attend to your immediate needs and requirements.

It will also be easier to travel and you can say bye to other hassles or discomfort in the future. The risks of side effects will be reduced.

Now that you know how to select an experienced practitioner, it’s time to do a research. With patience and commitment, you can make a wise and safe decision.

So, what are you waiting for? Consult a surgeon today and avoid other serious complications!