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Natural ways to relax for a LASIK procedure
The thought of having the LASIK surgery can make one nervous and scared. Some people fear doing to their dentist appointment and it is only natural that they will feel the same way about an eye procedure. Furthermore, the eye is an essential part of the body, and the thought of losing your eyesight completely can cross your mind when you have an appointment for the LASIK procedure. Other people have even failed to show up on their appointments because of the fear of “what might go wrong” in the whole procedure. If you happen to feel this way about the eye procedure then you try incorporating some of the below ways to relax for the procedure.

  1. Trust the process and the expert

This is the first way that will help you relax for the LASIK procedure. The moment you put trust in the expert and believe that he is well equipped to perform the task, then you will be relaxed for the whole process. This is why dealing with a professional is important as compared to finding a local surgeon. With a professional, you are guaranteed of great results and this positivity will keep you relaxed through the whole process. Therefore, before you sign up for the procedure, do a research and find the best and highly rated expert within your reach, and book an appointment. Alternatively, you can also consult with the professional first before deciding on having the procedure.

  1. Take a Deep Breath

Taking a deep belly breath has been associated with providing relaxation and peace to the body. Diaphragmatic breathing is known to reduce blood pressure in the body, reduce blood rate and gives one the feelings of activeness. This exercise is best when by placing one hand on your abdomen, closing your eyes and breathe in deeply until you feel like your belly is flattening. Then exhale through your nose until you feel your belly is back to its normal size. In addition to that, you can incorporate meditation during this process as an additional way of relaxing your body. Doing this before the surgery will help you stay calm and relaxed the whole time.

  1. Imagery visualization

Many yoga instructors like to take their clients through the process of imagery visualization. You can do this by thinking about your favorite and calming spot, and why you like that particular area. This type of positive energy will keep you calm through the entire period and you will be eager to get done with the procedure, see the results and go back to your calming spot.

  1. Discuss with your doctor

Having an honest discussion with your doctor on how you feel is the best way to relax for the procedure. The perfect way to deal with anxiety is to have knowledge about the whole process. Once you know what the procedure entails, you will be less nervous and your doctor’s words will keep you comfortable and relaxed through the whole process. Ask your doctor any questions you have about the procedure as he is the best person to walk you through the entire process. In addition to that, you do not need injections of any type when doing this and taking away the unknowns is a lot easier to make you feel relaxed.

  1. Listen to music

When the day of the surgery is nearing, you might be extremely tensed and confused about so many things. Music is one of the best ways to keep you calm. Listening to your favorite music takes away all the worries you have about the procedure and it also acts as a great distraction. Some surgeons will allow you listen to music during this procedure to help keep you calm through the entire process. However, before you decide to carry your music to the surgery room, make sure that you discuss it with your doctor first and only do it when they approve.

  1. Tag a friend along

Bring your best friend along for the procedure. Having someone around is a great source of distraction and you someone to count on if you need anything. In addition to that, if you experience slight discomfort after the procedure, your friend can give you a ride from the LASIK procedure to your destination. You can talk about something interesting while you are waiting to see the doctor in the lobby, and they will also be there after the whole process to help you unwind.

  1. Go through some testimonials

Reading some testimonials on the same procedure can help keep you calm. You will have tips on what to expect and how to go about some things and this is a very helpful way of keeping you prepared. Moreover, you will know how different people dealt with the anxiety and you can adopt some of the best way to do the same. In addition to that, you will find some testimonials on different doctors, and how they helped make their patients comfortable through the process. You can take this as an advantage and book an appointment with the best reviewed doctor.

  1. Do not worry about moving your eyes

You might have probably asked yourself what will happen if you move your eyes during the procedure, and whether or not it will mess the whole thing. The truth is that LASIK surgery have been designed in such a way that when you move your eyes, the procedure will automatically stop. This should not worry you that much because you are in a safe spot. The maximum amount of time that you need to keep your eyes open is probably 60 seconds, and this is something that you can do. Also, light focuses on your eyes during the procedure to make the whole process a lot easier, and your eyelids are held open, so there is no alarm about blinking either.

  1. Prepare meals in advance

You can prepare for after surgery by cooking your meals in advance. Although LASIK surgery does not take long to heal, you need to take care of yourself afterwards. Prepare meals in advance and enjoy the recovery process.