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Doctor and Patient
Five years ago this month, you implanted corrective lenses to fix 14 diopters of near-sightedness in my eyes plus a good chunk of axis twist. I had worn heavy glasses since age 6. Your work has improved my daily life dramatically. I am now 55 years old and, since the surgery, I have never worn any sort of glasses—no reading glasses, or distance glasses, or driving glasses, nothing! I can read the fine print in a phone book and see a half-mile down the road while driving. I am able to jump horses over obstacles without glasses flying off my face, and I can read journal articles on glossy paper. You are the best.
Dr. Hamilton is the Best! I could read the night after LASIK was done. This is wonderful!
This was the best thing I have ever done. After wearing glasses since I was 21 (for 36 years) this is wonderful. I have never spent better money on anything I have ever done! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I have the highest praise for Dr. Rex Hamilton and the courteous and friendly staff for the meticulous care and attention to detail given to me for my cataract surgery and implementation of ReStor lens. And now – glasses no more! What a joy!
I have been blessed! My reading glasses are history! At age 65, I have worn reading glasses (2.75) for over 15 years. I suffered from presbyopia and the onset of cataracts. Dr. Hamilton replaced my natural lens with artificial ones. The result – ASTOUNDING! I expected to use low-power reading glasses. The Crystalens has eliminated the need for glasses on any kind. I can even read the fine print on descriptions included with medication. Expectations were exceeded, big time! Also, no pain, no side effects from the surgery. Only restored normal vision. After the 20-minute surgery for each eye, I was wheeled into the recovery room, IV was removed, and I walked out without assistance. The entire surgical team and scheduling staff have my life-long respect and gratitude. I was a happy guy before the surgery. Now I am in a realm of pure joy. Thank you, Dr. Hamilton and colleagues. You are amazing!
Douglas, PhD
I couldn’t be more pleased. The staff was attentive and made sure I understood the advantages and disadvantages of PRK. Even though my myopia was mild to begin with, I was ecstatic at the results: 20/15 vision!
Justin, Journalist/Professor
I am so impressed with the staff and Dr. Hamilton. This has been such a wonderful experience. I am amazed that after one day my vision is nearly 20/20! After 30 years of contacts and glasses, I feel so blessed to have my vision back. Thank you Dr. Hamilton and staff!
Kelli, Administrative Secretary
I had a high level of confidence going into the surgery because of the excellent care provided by Dr. Hamilton and his staff. These people have a passion for perfection. Their level of thoroughness is matched only by their care and concern for the patient. They gave me the gift of clear, unassisted vision – something I have never had my entire life. Thank you!
Thomas, Attorney
The doctors and staff were very friendly, extremely thorough and very professional. I felt well taken care of. Thank you for giving me a brand new set of eyes.
Sormeh, Office Manager
The doctor and his staff were fantastic. I was well informed of the procedure before, during, and after. I am more than pleased with my results. Dr. Hamilton was my first choice and my only choice.
Marci, Literacy Teacher
From the seminar given by the doctor to the two consultations (with and without contacts) and the monovision surgery, I have been impressed with the care and attention paid as well as the professionalism of the entire staff. I asked for and received a list of LASIK and monovision patients whom I called and”grilled” — all were helpful and informative. I also sent an email to the doctor with questions; he responded quickly and clearly to my every inquiry.
Frances, Professor
The staff is very friendly and helpful and made a stressful surgery more relaxing and the surgery was successful. I’m the fourth member of the family to have LASIK surgery and all of our experiences have been very positive and successful.
Maria, Secretary
The staff was super friendly, courteous & empathetic. They gave me a thorough explanation about the LASIK procedure and aftercare.
Veronica, Kindergarten Teacher
So far, I am very happy with the procedure. It is amazing not to wear glasses/contacts after 30 years.
Lynn, Sales / Marketing
Very clean and professional facility with knowledgeable staff.
Brett, Insurance Agent
I am pleased and confident about my operation. I’m impressed with the high level of professionalism.
Richard, Assistant Office Manager
Doctor and staff were very friendly, communicative and professional all throughout.
Peter, Sales
The doctors and staff were great. Provided great care and were willing to explain procedures thoroughly. Great experience, great results!
Allison, Nurse
The procedure helped me a lot. I can do my daily activities without wearing glasses. I love it.
Manny, X-Ray Technician
Outstanding experience all around.
John, Software Developer
The doctor and staff are wonderful! The surgery went very smoothly and the results are amazing.
Charles, Writer
Painless, quick and effective.
Carlos, Web Developer
Very professional staff who takes the time to answer questions and makes the patient feel comfortable.
Geoff, Military
The staff were extremely knowledgeable, warm and caring. I am ecstatic with the results of my refractive surgery.
Sunny, Senior Consultant / Engineer
The procedure went smoothly with no problems or discomfort. I was able to see clearly the next day and look forward to life without glasses.
Brock, Advertising
This place is great, the staff is great. The doctor has the perfect”touch”.
Stephen, Surveyor
Everything, from orientation, evaluation and surgical procedure was exceptional. The doctor and staff did an excellent job explaining the procedure.
Ron, Attorney
Dr. Hamilton was very detailed and professional from start to finish. It is clear that the health of your eyes is their priority.
Suzzane, Actuary
There was very little post-op discomfort. Eyes felt like there was a small particle in them. The best thing was waking up and being able to see clearly for the first time in over 20 years.
Toni, Attorney
The doctor and his staff are excellent, very knowledgeable, thorough, courteous – before – during – and after the surgery. Great!
Jemal, Engineer
The entire experience was very comforting. The doctor had an excellent ”bed-side” manner – talked through the whole procedure, very encouraging throughout.
Mark, Trainer
The procedure was very easy. I experienced no pain and actually enjoyed the procedure. I felt very comfortable with the doctor and staff.
Leo, Accounts Manager
The doctor was great. I always felt very comfortable and confident. I was well informed of all the risks involved and the procedure. My overall experience was awesome.
Philip, Graduate
The pre-surgery procedures were very informative and reassuring. The surgical procedures were wonderful – The doctor was outstanding in keeping me informed on what was expected.
Susan, Guidance Counselor