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Studies show that people with astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and other vision problems are continually growing. With technological advancement, doctors can now correct most eye issues when diagnosed at an early stage.
Among the common solutions, contact lenses have been receiving a widespread popularity. It’s no surprise because of the comfort they provide. But wait, there’s more! They offer predictable vision correction, provide better side vision, and eliminate the necessity to wear eyeglasses. What makes them the top-notch option for most patients is the cost. Unlike a surgery, contact lenses are less expensive over time.
Contact lenses, however, are inconvenient to clean or disinfect. Good hand and eye coordination can come into play. That’s not all! There’s a high risk of scratches, scrapes, and corneal infections. Users can easily lose or damage them.
Worry no more! There are other exceptional alternatives one can try. You probably have heard of daily disposable contact lenses. But how do they work? Are they safe to use? Are they worth the investment? Are they cost-effective? Good questions! In this article, you will know everything about them! Are you ready? Read on for more information!

What are Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

Daily disposable contact lenses are simply a single-use lens that you can remove and discard every day. From there, you can apply for a fresh pair the next morning. Over the years, they have been gaining immense popularity among consumers and even practitioners for their health benefits.
Despite the high demand from the public, users are confused between “daily disposable” and “daily wear.” The truth is that they are far different. Daily wear lenses, for example, enable the patients to remove them before sleeping. Why? It’s because the product is not recommended for overnight or extended wear. Depending on the brand, you can replace them daily, weekly, or monthly.
Disposable lenses, on the other hand, are not only used for single-use purposes. Whether or not you throw a pair every two weeks, your lenses are also called disposable.

Reasons to Throw out Your Lenses

Contact lenses are less expensive than a surgery. Compared to a pair of eyeglasses, they might be costly. Despite the fees, their performance is superb. However, they are not long-lasting. It is important to replace them more frequently. While a weekly replacement is healthier, it can also give optimal comfort a boost.
Did you know that tears contain protein, lipids, calcium, and other substances? Yes, you heard it right! As they build upon your contact lenses, the latter becomes less comfortable to wear. That’s not all! It increases your risk of infection and other vision problems.
Is cleaning 100% effective? Of course, not! The deposits remain in the lenses. Plus, they start to amass over time.

Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses

The contact lens is effective and comfortable to use. But they are difficult to maintain as they require a thorough care. Whether you hate a complicated procedure or have a hectic schedule, daily disposables will be your perfect shot.
Daily disposable contact lenses have been the top-notch solution because of their convenience. There’s no extensive cleaning required, making them ideal for those who have a busy schedule. Say bye to regular lens maintenance and switch to these modern pairs.
Daily disposable contact lenses are also a healthier alternative because there’s no accumulation of lens deposits. Plus, you can avoid overnight wear. Wearing contact lenses is not a perfect practice for people of all ages. While it increases the risk of an eye issue, it can also lead to an unnecessary and expensive replacement.

How to Choose the Best Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

With the demand from the public, daily disposable contact lenses come in a great number. While it can be an advantage in the first place, it’s difficult to narrow down your options. But knowing some selection pointers can make the process less overwhelming.
When looking for daily disposable contact lenses, consider the brands that have extraordinary performance and optimal comfort. Also, direct your attention to solutions that are packed with high oxygen flow-through, UVA/UVB protection, moisture balance, and competitive rate. With enough research and patience, you can have a perfect investment.

How are Daily Contact Lenses Different from Regular Options?

Before the introduction of disposable lenses, everyone knew that regular replacement was a healthy practice. Since contacts were costlier than a pair of eyeglasses, various devices and cleaning solutions have been introduced into the market.
Due to the high costs, manufacturers have been developing new methods to provide feature-packed and quality lenses at a competitive rate. After years, lenses are now available at an affordable rate, enabling all users to replace their old pairs.
But do they have a high level of quality? Definitely, yes. In fact, today’s daily contact lenses are still made from the finest materials. Although they are made for disposability, manufacturers don’t compromise flexibility and comfort.

How Much do They Cost?

People believe that daily disposable contact lenses are more affordable than expected. Every year, a person can use approximately 730 lenses. That means the cost is higher than the regular solutions. But it depends on the lens material and brand of your choice.
Daily disposable contact lenses are usually made from silicone hydrogel materials. Considered as premium disposables, they have the highest cost that could cause a fortune. Unlike care products, they are less expensive.

Is it safe to Use Daily Contact Lenses?

Of course, yes. But before you wear a pair, consult an eye care practitioner and other qualified specialists for your convenience and safety.
Also, ask whether or not a product matches your unique needs and requirements. While there are standard single vision designs, some brands are available in a range of colors to correct presbyopia, astigmatism, and other eye problems.

Some of the Disadvantages

Apart from the cost, the waste associated with disposable products is alarming, according to experts and consumers. While you can’t recycle the contact lenses or blister packs, the cardboard boxes are different. In fact, they are eco-friendly.
So, what’s your thought? Consult the right physician today! Book an appoint with Dr. Rex Hamilton at 424-732-2020 or leave an appointment request here!