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The Cost of Poor Vision
The eye is one of the most important part of the human body. It helps us in appreciating beauty and nature, seeing a child’s first SMILE, watching the sunset and sunrise, and see where we are going. The thought of losing your eyesight is very heartbreaking because you will no longer have the chance of seeing the beautiful things that life has to offer. Poor vision can cost a lot, and can rob you happiness and love that you feel towards other people. The decision of whether or not to get the LASIK procedure done entirely lies on you. However, you should know that you can continue losing your vision if you do not make the decision fast.

  1. Early mornings and late nights

Enjoying the beauty of nature requires you to be able to see the world clearly. However, with poor vision, you are not able to achieve this and you are deprived of other things too. For instance, you cannot play softball with your child without worrying about breaking your glasses or one of your contacts coming off. This can be very frustrating and you can miss a lot on your child’s growth. Correcting your vision with eye glasses and contact lenses is temporary and only work for a short time as compared to LASIK procedure which is long term. Moreover, you might also experience poor vision after removing your eye glasses at night. You will only be able to remove the glasses when you are hoping in bed.

  1. Aches and Pains

Astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia can cause discomfort to the body, and also result to pain in different parts of the body. For instance, you have at one point squinted over a television, computer or even struggled to read tiny writings on a newspaper or a book. This brings about headaches, aching of the eye or even neck pains to the body. All these discomfort are as a result of poor vision and can worsen as time goes by. Furthermore, poor vision brings about bad body posture. For instance, leaning over a computer to see clearly the document you want to read will mean that you have to bend your back and maybe stretch your neck in front. This can lead to chronic pains which may worsen overtime.

  1. Additional costs and frustrations

Poor vision also leads to incurring additional costs that you never planned to use. For instance, you will be forced to use the money that you have saved up to correct your eye vision, maybe buy eye glasses or rely on contact lenses for a long time. This in turn leads to frustrations as you are forced to replace your glasses or contact lenses on a regular basis. Corrective lenses are good because they help in correcting your vision, but they prevent you from having a happy and comfortable life. Furthermore, your eye glasses might also fall off during a very interesting game with your friends and this will ruin the fun and the energy. This means that you will be forced to leave the game and see how you can replace your glasses. You are replacing your eye glasses when you never planned to, meaning you will use money that you do not have or never planned to use.

  1. Misunderstandings

This happens mostly when you are reading a document and you mistakenly read one work to mean another. You will take it personal that the writer of the document, who is maybe your employee, is trying to insult you. However, the employee might be afraid to open up to you as his or her employer because of the fear of losing his job. Some occupations requires employees to be keen on their work and as a person with poor vision, you might miss this opportunity and even lose your source of income. In other scenarios, you will not be able to recognize familiar faces from far. Someone might take this the wrong way, that maybe you have ignored them, not knowing that you have a vision problem.

  1. Accidents

Poor vision also leads to accidents. For instance when you are coming back from work, then you are climbing to the third floor where your house is, then you accidentally miss a step and trip over, you may injure yourself. In addition to that, in case the stairs are dark and do not have any form of lighting, then you might step on something sharp which will injure you. All this happens because you are unable to see properly. Correcting your poor eye vision should be first priority regardless of how much it costs. This is because the eye plays a very important role in the human body.

  1. Discomforts

Poor vision also leads to discomfort. If you are sensitive to light, and you get out of the house on a sunny day and look directly at the sun, then you will feel a sharp pain which causes huge discomfort to the eye. Consequently, this also happens when you are inside the house and you are using bright life to see and perform your tasks. It reaches a point where you cannot see anymore and you have to strain using the light. This straining of the eye is what leads to headaches and other discomforts. If you feel like you cannot strain anymore, both outside and inside the house, then you should consider the LASIK eye procedure which is fast and you heal quickly.
In conclusion, there are many problems and dangers associated with poor vision. First, poor vision can weaken the relationship you have with your friends or family. When your relatives have come all the way to visit you and they start talking to you from far before they reach where you are, and you fail to respond, they might think that you are ignoring them and unhappy with their arrival. Additional, poor vision results to extra costs where you have to dig deeper into your pocket to be able to get eye glasses or contact lenses for your vision. Lastly, accidents also occur as a result of poor vision. Therefore, you should consider getting a refractive eye surgery to correct the poor vision problem.