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There’s A Reason Why Millennials Must Consider Lasik Or Smile

Youth today is busier than ever. Running for college classes, working to pay off students debts or to start a career, maybe a business, or moving rapidly to progress in personal and professional life – and in between all of this, it is very likely that your personal self is ignored in the run. You should be grooming yourself and getting to know yourself better at the moment, and must be looking for personal changes which can help you in the long run. Standing in front of the mirror to rehearse your business presentation or to get down on the knee for a love proposal, or you could be very much wondering if everything looks perfect before you finally leave and probably confused to choose between the red tie or blue, and contact lenses or eye glasses. But wait. You don’t have to be thinking so much of all this, especially not about the contacts since you can get rid of them entirely. And here’s more you can know about how to get it done.

What is LASIK and SMILE?

LASIK was considered a safe medical practice by FDA in the 1995. However, the surgery was being followed by practitioners since 1970s, and since approval there have been significant advancements to make the surgery safer and effective. In LASIK a layer or flap of corneal surface is lifted and a thin layer of tissue beneath the flap is removed using a purpose built laser, which helps treat patients for better vision. SMILE is Small Incision Lenticule Extraction which is an even precise version of the LASIK that uses cutting-edge precision laser to cure myopia, commonly known as near-sightedness.

Why LASIK Or SMILE For Millennials?

Millennials are most exposed to digital screens through their busy day – it could be video games, televisions, projections, cinema screens or even digital hoardings. These blue-light emitting screens, extended exposure to sunlight and many other factors are responsible for a number of underlying eye issues among millennials, such as astigmatism, myopia, presbyopia, etc. But, all is not lost since IQ Laser Vision is here to assist with a remarkable invention in eye care and is now providing Advanced Smile Procedure too.
It is common for people to start facing vision related issues beyond 40 years of age, with around over 12 million Americans suffering from vision problems as of 2015, and it is suspected that by year 2050 50% of global population will be near sighted. But, if you are nearly going to experience this, you don’t have to be accepting of it since it has a solution now. The solution is not limited to glasses or contacts, rather it is to look into the underlying issues of that. Your foremost priority now in elf-care should be to take care of your eyes and let them heal by taking preventive measures such as controlled exposure to anything vision damaging, and corrective measure such as LASIK or SMILE.

Why Millennials Are Comfortable Opting For LASIK Or SMILE?

There are a number of reasons why millennials are opting for the corrective procedures for their vison related problems, among which are;

These Are Cost-Effective:

Being a millennial you are probably already over-burdened with a pile of bills as you struggle to save for yourself and your growth. The best investment you can make right now is probably on your health and wellbeing. You are lucky to not be suffering from any other underlying heath issue, but potential vision related problems from all that working and exposure. If not taken care of these issues can exceed by the time you are old and in your 80’s or 90’s. So imagine, at that age, what could be worse than spending regularly on your eye care in terms of glasses and contacts. You can save yourself all this hard-earned money by taking up a solution that can reap you long-term benefits, such as an eye surgery that is cost-effective and easy on the pocket.

Instant Confidence Boost:

People who have had to wear glasses for most part of their life know what struggle it is to keep them up with a certain look. This is one accessory you cannot regularly match with your outfits. Even if you are someone who opts contacts over glasses, you still know the struggle of embracing them every time and going back to glasses once in a while. No matter what brand or frame they are, sadly glasses are often associated with ‘nerd person traits’ and for some people it is an immediate confidence shatter. But, what you need right now most is a confidence boost and to be rid of the glasses and contacts for ever, because you deserve the best and affordable that there is. Without the hassle of glasses or worrying about contacts, you can make any day, your day and look stellar like you dream to look. And when we say instant, we mean it. It takes a few minutes of surgery, a blink of a day and you’re all set to rule the next day and forever.

Let You Live The Best Life:

Everybody has a purpose to follow every single day, or it could be a long term vision where you see yourself after hard work and struggle, but your weaker vision is becoming a hindrance to it. You can immediately get a LASIK or SMILE eye surgery to change your life. You can achieve all your goals without having to push your glasses back up your nose every once in a while or having to take them on and off during a conversation.
LASIK and SMILE are effective and safe to have, and the best part thing about these surgeries is the low-budget facility. Experienced surgeons and care takers are our strength, and you can book an appointment right away for consultation and see for yourself how it helps you.
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