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Can LASIK change eye color?

The first thing that you notice when you meet a person is their eye. You converse while looking at one’s eyes. There are numerous eye colors ranging from black, brown, green, blue and hazel. One’s eye color makes every person unique in a beautiful way. There have been many people asking if the LASIK procedure can permanently change one’s eye color. Well, this procedure does not change the eye color of a person. Studies have it that one’s eye color becomes permanent three years after birth. However, there are few incidents that may change an individual’s eye color and LASIK is not part of the procedure.

  1. Medication or Illness

The iris is the part of the eye that defines the color of the eye. It is found behind the outer most clear covering of the eye, known as the cornea. An individual’s eye color that is seen by the other person is defined by the pigment cells contained in the iris. In addition to that, there are some medication, that when you take, makes the iris lighter or darker than usual. Moreover, there are some disorders of the eye that may cause the eye color to change permanently. Therefore, if you feel that you have any eye color changes, then it may mean that you have eye related problems. You need to make an appointment as fast as possible so that you can get the problem corrected immediately before it worsens.

  1. Cosmetic Laser eye surgery

Most of the time, cosmetic eye surgery has been confused with LASIK eye surgery. However the difference is that cosmetic eye surgery is a new procedure that involves the use of a laser to permanently change the eye color of a person. When using this procedure, you can change one’s eye color from brown to blue. This experimental procedure is yet to be tested to eliminate the potential risk of eye problems such as glaucoma.

  1. Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses is the main reason why people have colored eyes. When you meet someone and they have a different eye color from the one you are familiar with then chances are that they are wearing contact lenses. Using colored contact lenses is the safest way that you can use to temporarily change the color of your eyes. However, these contact lenses should be prescribed by your doctor and you should never buy contact lenses anywhere, other than the prescribed clinic.

  1. Increased exposure to the sun

Too much exposure to the sun causes the body to produce more melanin. Eye color changes if you are exposed to too much sun even if you have set eye color. This will result to a darker shade of your eyes and you will have dark brown, green, blue or gray. This depends on your current eye color. In addition to that, exposure to the sun helps you determine the color of your eye. Natural light is brighter than artificial light and you can easily see the true color of your eyes in the iris, something which you could not do before.

  1. Age

The color of the eye also changes with age. Usually, babies are born with gray or light blue eyes and as they grow, the color of their eyes changes and gets darker. This change occurs because eye color is determined by the melanin levels in one’s body and by genes. As one grows, the levels of melanin increases, especially around the pupil and this makes the eye darker.

  1. Emotions

Eye color also changes according to emotions. Different emotions are responsible for changing the size of your pupil and the color of the iris. Different emotions such as happiness, sadness, and anger all causes the release of hormone, responsible for changing the size of the pupil. This is the reason as to why when one cries, the eyes become red in color, and the eyes seem much brighter.

  1. Clothes and makeup

Makeup and darker clothes all make your eyes look more lively and brighter. This is the perception of many people and not the reality. The truth is that the type of cloth that one puts one and the makeup makes the eye to pop a bit more.

  1. Diet

There are incidences when one is sick, the doctor will check your eyes to determine if you have enough blood. This shows that diet contributes to the change in eye color. Some of the foods that can change the color of your eyes when consumed include the following.

  • Spinach makes the eye shine brighter and look younger because of its rich content in iron.
  • Many people have assumptions about olive oil, that adding olive oil to your food has the potential of changing the eye color.
  • The consumption of organic honey also the potential of making the eye hue brighter and lighter.
  • Chamomile also relaxes the eye and changes the size of the pupil. It makes the color of the eye have a different shade, usually a warmer shade.
  1. Health

Your health also determine the color of your eyes. Most of the time your eye color becomes yellowish or greenish when you are sick or when you have an existing eye condition.

  1. Residence

Your place of residence also plays an important role in the color of your eyes. The most common eye color is brown eyes and about 70% of the earth’s population have brown eyes. Most of the people with this eye color are found in Northern America and part of Australia. In Asia, the number of brown-eyed people is higher and is about 95% of the total population. In the Northern part of Europe, blue-eyed people are more common and forms over 50% of the population.

  1. Laser lighting of the Eye color

In the past, eye operations of the eye were very risky and could even lead to blindness. The invention of the laser surgery aided in changing the color of the eye. The laser machine helps in the destruction of melanin cells, in turn making the eyes brighter.