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Contact Lenses and Irritation

Irritation cause by contact lenses is a common problem for people who wear contact lenses. The irritation is cause by various factors, the main on being allergic reactions to the contact lenses. In addition to that, the irritation may also be caused by drugs that one take to reduce the effects of the allergic reactions. The good news is that there are solutions that you can adopt to help in solving the irritation problem so that you can continue wearing the contact lenses the way you have been doing in the past.

There are common causes of eye irritation or burning after putting on contact lenses. Some of the reasons may include”

  • The contact lenses do not fit properly in the eye. Ensure that you get your contact lenses from an eye clinic so that you get the perfect fit for you. Buying contact lenses outside an eye clinic may cause irritation to the eye.
  • Secondly, it might be that the contact lenses are damaged and need immediate replacement. Wearing a damaged contact lenses can be a danger to your eyes.
  • Another cause of irritation may be allergic reactions. Maybe you are allergic to the contact lenses, or where you are storing the lenses is dusty. Ensure that your storage point is clean and you can also rinse the lenses before putting them on again.
  • People who are suffering from eye infection also experience itching and burning when they put on contact lenses.
  • The cornea might also be swollen, causing the discomfort.
  • Another cause of eye irritation may be a related medical issue. A higher percentage of people who wear contact lenses have one medical condition that affects how they react to the contact lenses. Most contact lenses have been designed in such a way that they are worm and removed at night. They should then be stored in a special solution preferable overnight before they are worn in the morning.

Some of the solutions to eye burning and irritation from contact lenses include the following.

  1. Remove, Rinse and Rest

Wearing contact lenses the whole day can cause irritation to the eye. This is very uncomfortable and can cause severe discomforts. When you are home and you do not need to wear the contact lenses, you can remove and rinse them so that you have a peaceful rest. Return the contact lens to its case and allow it rest overnight. This procedure re-wets the contact lens, hence removing any particles that may be present causing irritation.

  1. Reduce your lens wearing time

This is a great solution for reducing irritation caused by contact lenses. The irritation may be persistent and in such a case, you should reduce the time you spend in your contact lens. You can remove the lens when you do not need to wear them that much, and you can also avoid wearing them when you are at home and make it a habit of wearing them only when you need to work. Alternatively you can wear your glasses instead of the contact lenses to reduce irritation. There are individuals who choose the monthly wear contact lenses. You can shorten this period by doing three weeks instead of a month.

  1. Use eye drops

In this case, there are two types of eye drops that can be used. The first eye drop is meant to re-wet the eye whereas the other type is for lubricating the eye. Re-wetting the eye means that the eye is flushed with a liquid temporarily. Tis can be of great advantage to people who wear contact lenses and feel like their eyes need a little bit of moisture. Lubricating the eye involves a viscous or an oil eye drop. This is a permanent solution as the lubricant provides the eye with a long-term solution. Lubricating the eye is a perfect solution to people with dry eyes.

  1. Consider Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Whether or not you experience an irritating eye depends on the type of contact lenses that you choose. There are contact lenses that are designed to be worn for a month without removal. Others are also permanent and some are disposable. Choosing a permanent contact lens is risky to the eye and can cause discomfort for a longer period. If you have tried all the other solutions and you still experience eye itching, then you can consider trying disposable contact lenses. The advantage that this type of lens has over the other types is that you can change a new lens daily. This is very comfortable and guarantees the best user experience.

  1. Artificial tears

This is a perfect alternative in cases where eye drops are incompatible with a specific type of contact lenses. If the drops are incompatible, it can ruin or even discolor the lens. Furthermore, not all eye drops have been designed to be used on contact lenses.

  1. Consider trying Nutritional Supplements

For one to qualify to use contact lenses, he or she must be able to produce enough tears. Both the quantity and quality of tear production is important at this point. Failure to produce enough tear can lead to tear evaporation and this can in turn lead to dryness of the eye. Research has shown that the oily part of tear composition can be found in omega-3 fatty acids, found in salmons and other fish. This eliminates the evaporation of tears.

  1. Use contact solution in cleaning your contact lenses

Never use saliva or any other solutions in cleaning the contact lenses. There are contact solutions whose main aim is to clean the lenses. Wipe the lenses clean in the solution and put them back on. This should help ease the irritation and burning of the eye.

  1. Inspect the lenses

This may not cross your mind but make it a habit of inspecting your lenses to see any possible damage. For instance, you may start experiencing blurred vision when using your contact lens. This may be as a result of dirty or damaged contact lenses. Regular inspection can help you determine the problem earlier and get a replacement.