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Traveling overseas for a business? Or exploring a country’s hidden gem for entertainment? Whatever the case may be, it’s easy to forget your routine. Perhaps, you overindulge in nightlife, cuisines, and recreational activities. Failing to follow the right procedure for maintaining your contact lenses is no exception. Improper and irregular care could lead to discomfort, hassles, eye infections, and other costly problems.
Worry no more! Here are the experts-recommended tips to follow when traveling with contact lenses. Are you ready? Read on for more information!
Remember Eyewear Prescriptions
Probably, you’re done packing your stuff. Perhaps, you’ve gathered all the necessary travel documents. Then, your job does not stop there! It’s important to let a specialist check your contact lens beforehand. While it requires an additional cost, you can be sure that your eyeglass prescriptions are up-to-date.
Whether you will be on a business trip for a month or two, eyewear prescriptions can play a crucial role.
Apart from bringing a pair of glasses, place a copy of prescriptions for glasses and contacts in a sturdy and accessible bag for emergency purposes. Whether you break or lose any of them, you can purchase another pair abroad. Just present the prescription for your peace of mind.
Don’t Forget to Bring an Eye Care Gear
It’s advisable to have another pair of glasses and contact lens solution during an escapade. But remember to bring a leak-proof cases and other eye care supplies according to experts. Although you won’t use them all, pack them ahead to avoid other hassles.
Understand Specific Travel Security Rules
Many countries have different transportation security administration regulations on wearing contact lenses. That’s why it is important to study the rules to avoid legal issues abroad.
TSA allows contact lenses in checked or carry-on bags. Cleaning solution, on the other hand, is a different case. Every container must contain approximately 3.4 ounces of liquid. It should also fit into a quart-size or clear plastic bag.
The size of liquid in a checked bag, however, is not restricted. Just pack a container of cleaning solution in your carry-on bag. Make sure you have enough products throughout your escapade.
Switch to Disposable Contact Lenses
Contact lenses have been a popular treatment for eye problems. But studies show that they accumulate a buildup of dirt particles over time. The disposable contact lens is your best alternative. It is more affordable, healthier, and safer. Just select the brands that best match your requirements and expectations.
Good Contact Lens Hygiene is a Healthy Practice
Our hands are prone to germs and other harmful bacteria. So, it’s imperative to wash them with mild soap and water before touching your lenses and eyes. You should dry them with a lint-free towel.
Yes, you get tired after a long escapade. But don’t forget to remove or clean your contacts after use to avoid eye sensitivity or infection.
Never Wear a Lens in the Water
When traveling, it’s good to visit a beach resort or a luxury pool. Before you dive into crystal clear and bluish water, pause and remove your contact lens.
Experts say that the risk of eye infections is higher when you wear contacts in the water. But you can use them while swimming. Just wear a disposable one, put on goggles, and throw it right away for your safety and convenience.
Protect yourself from the UV Rays
Too much exposure to UV rays can cause a skin cancer. That’s not all! It can also lead to eye problems. The secret here is to get lenses with UV protection to enjoy a premium protection.
Other resources include polarized sunglasses and UV-blocking contacts, according to experts from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Whether your eyes become painful or sensitive to light, remove a pair right away. After that, what’s next? Be sure to put them in a sturdy case. Don’t throw them away so that your doctor could figure out the real cause of your condition.
While waiting for the results, wear eyeglasses. As soon as a specialist checks the data, obey his order. If the doctor advises you to stop wearing a contact lens for a week, follow his prescriptions to avoid serious complications.
Eliminate Unreliable Contacts from Your List
When traveling abroad, you might spot affordable contacts in a range of stores. While it is tempting to add them to the cart, don’t buy them. Be willing to spend more bucks on a quality and experts-recommended pair. Although it requires an additional cost at first, it enables you to save some cash over time. You can also protect your vision from harm.
Keep your Contacts Labeled and Organized
Contact lenses can get mixed up, especially when you wear a range of prescriptions in every eye. So, it is imperative to label them for easy and stress-free identification.
When you travel, it’s risky to lose them. The key here is to place them in a safe and reliable spot. Contacts are expensive nowadays. To protect your investment, keep it labeled and organized.
Bring All Necessary Accessories
Traveling is daunting, which in turn causes you to rub your eyes more often. Be sure to pack a hand sanitizer to keep your hands germ-free. Also, invest in a quality bottle of eye drops. Before falling asleep on a plane or bus, take a pair out. Plus, a set of glasses is another excellent accessory to have.
Be Ready for Something Unexpected
An escapade with contact lenses is full of surprises. Although it’s possible to prepare for something unexpected, there are things that would still overwhelm a traveler. What are you going to do during emergencies? Of course, your knowledge can play a critical role throughout the process. But ask help from your travel buddy. Or contact your physician.
Now that you know how to travel with contact lenses, you can have a fun and stress-free experience in the future.
Don’t forget to consult a capable specialist on a regular basis! An ophthalmologist or optometrist can ensure your safety from start to finish!